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College Ministry Developer Full Time| Mercer Creek Church | Ellensburg, WA Mission: The mission of Mercer Creek exists to advance God's Kingdom by loving Jesus and making disciples. We’re not on anyone’s map. You’ve never heard of us. You might admire our denomination, but you don’t know us. Why? We are a micropolitan area in the middle of Washington (in fact, we rank #18 on all such areas in the nation). We are a small college town surrounded by hay (it is the largest agriculture here). You’ve never heard of our town. You’ve never heard of our college. We have rivers to fish and float on. We have mountains to snowboard, ski and snowmobile on. We have hills to horseback ride, hunt, and hike on. We have four seasons. We have space, no traffic, and access to God’s beauty at our fingertips. You can drive over the mountains and have all the city and busy you want. When you want it. Our church is special. It almost died forty years ago, and today it is thriving. No weird internal politics. No odd beliefs. No big staff issues. No debt. We follow Jesus, love each other, and long to love our neighbor as ourselves. Sure, we may be the biggest church in town, but it’s not over the top. It’s hospitable. Healthy. Eager to grow. We are going to start more churches because more is better than bigger. You know what we need: a college ministry developer. Someone who knows how to build a ministry. Someone who has a passion in college aged students and women's ministry. Someone who will help develop small groups and a women's ministry for these young adults as they continue to fall in love with the God of the Universe. They need someone who will keep the main thing the main thing. They need a leader who will be around for a while and really invest. Here’s what’s crazy: there is support, huge volunteer potential, and zero competition in this town. We have 300-400 college students who are part of our church community. This church wants to invest in this generation! We are going to do what it takes to find the right leader. We won’t settle. We need someone who God has gifted to oversee this entrepreneurial effort. We need the right person, who will do the right work. Interested? Check out the job description:


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