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Bedford Alliance Church is seeking a new lead pastor. Purpose/mission/vision of Bedford Alliance Church: “All for Jesus – Jesus for all”: This has been a strong guiding statement for our programs, discipleship, etc. Our website states that “we seek to live in a vital, hope-filled, healing, saving, transforming relationship with Jesus through the power of his resurrection – living a life that invites people to encounter Jesus as Savior and to thrive in relationship with Him.” Our church family strives to show God’s love and grace in the lives of those around them, in the workplace, by sending notes and cards to those who need encouragement, meeting needs within the community, bringing prayer requests from friends, family and coworkers. We support local social ministries, host a baby-changing tent at Fall Foliage, and also host events like a Back-to-School bash for kids in the community and an Amazing Race for teens. Style of preaching and subjects of the messages during the past year: We have enjoyed nearly a decade of strong, expository teaching and spiritually challenging messages delivered with heartfelt transparency, personal anecdotes and powerful object lessons. Recently, the congregation is responding well to the blend of dynamic, challenging, conversational and engaging preaching with a strong salvation message from those who are filling in. Role of elders and their relationship with the pastor: The elders work with the pastor to shepherd the congregation. The relationship between the pastor and elders is usually healthy, encouraging, and with good accountability. Vision for the church over the next five years: To maintain and build connections with the church family, reach out and connect in meaningful ways to build relationships within the community, with the main goal to reach the lost and bring them into a vital, saving relationship with Jesus. List the top three reasons why visitors come to your church: 1. Personal invitation 2. Traveling through or visiting family 3. Curiosity List the top three reasons why visitors return: 1. We are friendly and welcoming 2. Family attends 3. Personal connections Property/Facilities: Date of construction: 1958-61 - Church building (Dedicated in 1961) Late 1960s – Parsonage (Dedicated in 1969) Late 1980s – Church addition (Dedicated in 1989) Between 2005 & 2010 – Parsonage sold and moved, Large shed acquired for storage and equipment Size of property: 17 acres Seating capacity for worship: 150 Number of off-street parking spaces: 74 plus an unmarked gravel area What is the total church indebtedness? $0 Visibility and accessibility of the property: We are located on the ‘Mile Level’ section of Route 30 within minutes of downtown Bedford. The church and sign are very visible from the highway (more so if you’re heading west on Route 30). There are recognizable landmarks in the immediate vicinity, including Autozone next door and Sheetz across the highway. The property has direct access to the highway via an intersection with traffic lights. General condition of the property/facilities: We have paved parking, which is immediately accessible to the main entrance and the fellowship hall. Our gravel lot for overflow parking is small but adequate. The sidewalks and ramp are in excellent condition, but the front porch has a crack that is slowly expanding. The storage shed is in very good condition. Some of the property is unusable mountainside, but we have a large grassy area that is open and flat with an embankment along the highway. There are posts for a volleyball net. In the farthest corner of the property is the ‘tomb,’ which is an old cellar in the mountainside. The door is permanently fastened closed, and we use this area to stage a tomb scene for Easter and nativity scene for Christmas. It’s become popular with locals and travelers. The facility is in good condition and well-maintained. The upstairs bathrooms were recently remodeled, and we are in the process of updating the look and function of the lobby area. The nursery could use an update, and we are planning a wheelchair-accessible restroom. Our current restrooms each have a handicapped stall with support bars. We are discussing an elevator or lift because we have no indoor means for a wheelchair to get downstairs. Flooring has been replaced in the downstairs hallway and some of the classrooms, and we are currrently planning to replace carpeting in the offices. The kitchen has newer appliances, including two convection ovens. Work is currently under way to fix a water seepage problem that has affected one classroom and then to remodel that room. Pastoral Expectations: Prayer and Bible Study Preaching Shepherding Lay-leadership development Disciple-making Evangelism Counseling World missions Administration Administration (church business) is important but should take a back seat to all spiritual aspects. While the pastor should absolutely be involved in and capable of overseeing the church business, he should not need to micromanage every aspect or committee where there is capable leadership. Among his greatest priorities should be the holistic health of the congregation and our relationship and impact on our community and world. Our view is that shepherding, disciple-making and developing lay-leaders all contribute to evangelistic efforts. Contact District Superintendent David Nagel @


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