Genre Field Overview

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Different Way of Worshiping

March 2017

Chicago, Illinois


A former Hindu serving at the South Asian Friendship Center in Chicago shares her experience blending worship practices.

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Cultural Context

March 2017

Chicago, Illinois


At the South Asian Friendship Center in Chicago, congregants worship Jesus in the context of their Indian backgrounds.

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Breakthrough in Liberia

March 2017



Alliance workers in Liberia share how a marriage class they started has led to changed lives in spite of turmoil.

Thumbnail image for Sacrifice in Indonesia

Sacrifice in Indonesia

March 2017



An Alliance pastor in Indonesia shares his gratefulness for the missionaries of years ago that gave their lives for the gospel.

Thumbnail image for God’s Faithfulness in Iraq

God’s Faithfulness in Iraq

February 2017

Europe/Middle East


A pastor in Baghdad shares how the Lord is working in lives despite threats of terrorism and persecution.

Thumbnail image for A Move of God

A Move of God

February 2017



An Alliance pastor from Lima, Peru, testifies to the work of the Holy Spirit in the local church and beyond.

Thumbnail image for Middle East Ministry

Middle East Ministry

February 2017

Europe/Middle East


Dennis Whalen shares how the efforts of the Alliance are assisting refugee families in the Middle East.

Thumbnail image for Ministry in Papua

Ministry in Papua

January 2017



Watch as Todd Adams, international worker in Indonesia, shares the story of ministry among the Dani people.

Thumbnail image for Preparing the Way in Nepal

Preparing the Way in Nepal

Missions Emphasis 2016-2017

July 2016

North and Central Asia


Alliance workers in Nepal are partnering with believers to prepare the way for the gospel of hope by providing relief after a devastating earthquake, creating vocational and educational alternatives to the rampant human trafficking, and introducing suffering people to a loving, comforting Savior. Learn more on our Prepare The Way Web page!

Thumbnail image for Oumar’s Healing

Oumar’s Healing

July 2016



A father shares the story of his son Oumar's physical healing and his family's newfound hope in Jesus.

Thumbnail image for Part of His Plan

Part of His Plan

July 2016



A Chilean pastor and his wife share their journey of raising up a church and joining the Lord in His mission for the lost.

Thumbnail image for The Fruits of Ministry

The Fruits of Ministry

June 2016



The seeds of the gospel are beginning to take root in Portugal and will one day bear fruit.

Thumbnail image for Praising Church

Praising Church

June 2016

Burkina Faso


In a Christ-transformed village in Burkina Faso, families come to church to pray, sing, dance, and rejoice in the Lord!

Thumbnail image for People of Peace

People of Peace

June 2016

Burkina Faso


Alliance workers in the Kenedougou region of Burkina Faso celebrate God's faithfulness in multiplying His church.

Thumbnail image for Medical Missions

Medical Missions

June 2016



For decades, Alliance medical workers in Africa have provided physical and spiritual care to those without access to either.

Thumbnail image for Choose Love

Choose Love

January 2016

Europe/Middle East


A young nurse in the Middle East is directly impacted by terrorism and must choose whether she will be motivated by fear or by love.

Thumbnail image for Hope For Hope

Hope For Hope

Providing physical and spiritual healing

October 2015



After a difficult year in 2014, CAMA's Hope Clinic in Guinea, West Africa, is slowly getting back to evangelical outreach and compassionate medical care.

Thumbnail image for Ministry in Papua

Ministry in Papua

Todd and Debbie Adams fulfilling God's call to the people of Papua

June 2015



Watch as Todd Adams, international worker in Indonesia, shares the story of ministry among the Dani people.

Thumbnail image for Portugal: Awaiting Harvest

Portugal: Awaiting Harvest

March 2013



Alliance workers in Portugal are seeing glimmers of hope for the gospel in a country that has been obsessed with death, devastated by financial instability, and spiritually darkened by cultish ancestral beliefs.

Thumbnail image for Thailand Field Overview

Thailand Field Overview

December 2011



Thailand is filled with people who are spiritually hungry and seeking favor from spiritual powers. In some areas there is no Christian presence. Alliance international workers believe the most effective way to reach the Thai people is through national believers, with whom they partner to plant churches.

Thumbnail image for Germany Field Overview

Germany Field Overview

December 2011



The light of Jesus is shining brightly in the former East Berlin. Alliance international workers are tearing down spiritual strongholds to build bridges of trust that will bear the weight of truth. The gospel is taking root in what has been reported as the most atheistic country in the world.

Thumbnail image for Mongolia Field Overview

Mongolia Field Overview

November 2009



Once devoid of believers, Mongolia now has seven Alliance churches, started through medical/dental outreaches and micro-enterprise projects. The Mongolian church could become a beacon for Central Asia, shining God's light into neighboring countries that are closed to North American workers.

Thumbnail image for GC Sunday 2009: Multipurpose Center

GC Sunday 2009: Multipurpose Center

November 2009



Dennis Maves shares his dream of starting a multipurpose center in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, to help spread the Gospel.

Thumbnail image for Paraguay Field Overview

Paraguay Field Overview

November 2008



A growing church challenges Alliance missionaries to identify and train pastors and leaders who will take the gospel to their people.

Thumbnail image for John and Lisa Sappia Update

John and Lisa Sappia Update

November 2008



John and Lisa Sappia and their family have arrived in Paraguay.


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