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A Sinner Like Me

October 2017



God is perfect. I am a sinner. How could He ever accept me now that I was so filthy and unlovable?

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We Are Not Done

April 2017

Bangkok, Thailand


At the Alliance World Fellowship, John Stumbo reminds us that our mission is complete when all have heard about Jesus.

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John Stumbo Video Blog No. 40

November 2016

Bangkok, Thailand


Enjoy the latest video blog from President John Stumbo, filmed at last month’s Quadrennial Convocation of the Alliance World Fellowship in Bangkok, Thailand.

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June 2016



President John Stumbo admonishes us to focus on what is good, true, right, lovely, and peace giving in the midst of life's noise.

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John Stumbo Video Blog No. 17

Noise - Psalms 1-11

December 2014

Bangkok, Thailand


What are the voices, the noise, the messages that work their way into our mind and begin to have influence?

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Thailand Field Overview

December 2011



Thailand is filled with people who are spiritually hungry and seeking favor from spiritual powers. In some areas there is no Christian presence. Alliance international workers believe the most effective way to reach the Thai people is through national believers, with whom they partner to plant churches.


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