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Thumbnail image for In Danger of Compromise

In Danger of Compromise

December 2017

United States


President John Stumbo expresses the urgency the Alliance family should feel when it comes to sharing the gospel.

Thumbnail image for The Harvest in the Middle East

The Harvest in the Middle East

November 2017

Middle East


People in the Middle East are asking new questions and gaining new desires for Jesus.

Thumbnail image for Like a Family

Like a Family

November 2017



A teenage girl tells how Alliance workers cared for her and showed her the love of Christ when she got pregnant.

Thumbnail image for Essence of Our Calling

Essence of Our Calling

November 2017

United States


“The Church has a beautiful opportunity to show the love of God Himself.”

Thumbnail image for Not Finished Yet

Not Finished Yet

November 2017



God healed a man with tuberculosis, and now that man cannot stop sharing the gospel with those around him.

Thumbnail image for The Harvest in Cambodia

The Harvest in Cambodia

November 2017



Many people in Cambodia are now on fire for Jesus because of the work He has done through Alliance ministries.

Thumbnail image for Rhythm of Rest

Rhythm of Rest

November 2017

United States


President John Stumbo reminds the Alliance family of the importance of observing the Sabbath.

Thumbnail image for Church Planting

Church Planting

November 2017

United States


President John Stumbo pleads with the Alliance family to make church planting a priority.

Thumbnail image for What We Preach

What We Preach

November 2017


A reminder that what we preach comes from the power of God.


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