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For those of you who may not know us well we are the Anderson's. We grew up in Du Bois, PA and attended Du Bois Alliance Church since we were born! Chelsea and I started dating in high school and later got married in college (Toccoa Falls College, in Georgia). We both received the call of the Lord on our lives for full-time service much earlier than that. Chelsea and I both felt the Lord moving us to full-time serve for Him, in an overseas capacity and more specifically in West Africa, early into our college careers. That bring us up to date: we are currently in the middle of our language study before leaving for Guinea, West Africa where we will be working at a Youth Center. At the center we will be teaching English, Computer classes (Microsoft Office), facilitate sports camps such as Volleyball and Basketball and also spend time in an English café helping students with their English.

After being here for a little more than 5 months. French is finally starting to sink in a little! We have found that attending the local protestant church here we can now able to understand upwards for 80-90% of what is being taught. We can get 100% of the overall message! This is a huge praise for us! We are approaching the end of our second trimester... With this comes another WEEK of final exams. We would appreciate your prayers and support as we move towards this time!

[ Praises ]
- Maddie and Silas have gotten over their sickness!
- Our outfit fund is looking very healthy! We want to thank each and everyone of you that has sacrificed in anyway to make
this happen! We are truly blessed!
- We have a great group of Alliance workers here in France at language study. We have been encouraged by many of them
and are blessed to have these brothers and sisters in Christ going through the same process with us!
- We have had several opportunities to build relationships with some of the people of France. They have been very
welcoming and gracious as we try to communicate with broken French...
- Guinea is Ebola FREE!
- French is starting to make sense!

[ Prayer Requests ]
- The Lord would continue to grant us favor as we push through our studies of French
- That we would continue to be filled with His love as we seek to love on others in this different culture
- That the Lord would stir in the hearts of his people as we seek to raise funds for a vehicle in Guinea. If you feel lead to
donate even a little please follow the link on the right hand side of the page titled "Vehicle Fund."
- Pray the lasting effects of Ebola would be a venue for the church to arise in Guinea!
- Our team in country have informed us of an opportunity to learn a tribal language. If we get to participate in this
opportunity it will be a 2 month intensive class of 8 hours a day.
- With this opportunity also comes another need. We would need a nanny to watch the kids while we are in class. At
this point we believe we have someone in mind that would love to do it, but they will need to raise support to be able
to come over and minister to us as we seek to minister to those in Guinea. As you can imagine taking 2 months off
work would be difficult for anyone. If you feel lead to help with this need please contact us!
- Pray for France as the effects of the terrorist attacks will be felt for a long time.



Updated: February 07, 2016

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