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The Bracewell Bulletin , January 2021


What a busy start to 2021! For about 4 weeks Donna & I were the only missionary couple on the field while the others traveled for the Christmas vacation. This brought us the temporary glory of being the interim field director and administrator respectively. During our “tenure” we had the privilege of welcoming three new missionary couples and their children to Paraguay.

On Sunday, January 3rd we welcomed experienced missionaries and church planters Randy and Alicia Clark who will be in Ciudad del Este for a few months before moving on to Uruguay. After showing them the sights in Asunción we drove with them to Ciudad del Este. This famous border city is on the border with Brazil and Argentina and right next to the famous Iguazu waterfalls. Dwarfing Niagara Falls, Iguazu is Paraguay’s source of electricity - a source so abundant that they export electricity to other countries.

While we were out of town we took 3 days off to visit the beautiful beaches at Encarnación and the ruins of the Jesuit missions; a testimony to their extraordinary work so long ago. (Among many other things the Jesuits reduced Guaraní to writing.)

The riverside beach at Encarnación with a view across the river of Posadas, Argentina.

Should you witness while on vacation? In Ciudad del Este (CDE) we asked a waitress if we could pray for her, and she teared up on the spot. The same with our AirBnB host in Encarnacion! And we got to pray with a mom and daughter at the beach in Encarnacion. So much need! It is a joy to love people and point them to Christ.

January 17th: we welcomed the Zuber’s and the Liberda’s. Days later our field director, Luis Felipa and his wife returned and hit the ground running by helping them get their housing and furniture. In the meantime, two returning missionary couples were delayed due to COVID requirements.

As I write this I’m in the hospital with Sarah Zuber and her daughter, Anabelle (12), who is under observation from slipping and hitting her head in the shower. Examinations show that there is no serious damage. This is not our first trip to the hospital. Our other new arrivals, the Liberda’s, have made more than one trip to the ER due to Lisa’s (Mrs. Liberda) strong and persistent allergic reactions. She’s not sure what is causing this. Please pray!

Praise God for...
The safe arrival of the Clarkes, the Zuber’s and the Liberda’s.
The safe return of the Felipas, the Hernandez family and Carlos and Mayra Vega.

Please pray for…
Finding suitable vehicles for the families
Successful acclimating of parents and children to Paraguay and the churches.
Annabelle’s complete recovery from her fall (she’s being discharged tomorrow)
Lisa Liberda’s complete recovery from her sudden allergic reactions.

Picking up both families with the mission van and a borrowed truck filled stem to stern with their luggage. Donna drove the 12 passenger van and I drove the cargo truck.

“Home away from home” at McDonald’s in Paraguay for the Zubers (front) and the Liberda’s (back).

The Clarks will be working with Pastor Vasconcelo in CDE for a few months until Uruguay lets non-residents enter the country. Welcome to Paraguay, Randy and Alicia!

The Bracewell Bulletin, April 27, 2020

Dear Friends and Family,
There are many motives for which to thank and praise the Lord. Paraguay has contained the virus--there have only been 228 cases so far and only 9 have died. Our neighbor’s furniture business is busy, our churches are finding ways to minister in the midst of the crisis, we met a new neighbor yesterday, and we are healthy. God has blessed our relationship with the churches and the pastors. We now have a denominational letter which permits us to go out and meet with pastors and help with hurting families. God is answering prayers for people who are sick in the United States where the virus has hit much harder; we’re sorry for those who have lost loved ones. Our prayers go up to God daily.

Prayer Concerns:
Tension and stress in homes during the quarantine.
A mechanism for receiving tithes and offerings in the churches.
Many who have no income during the quarantine.
Creativity and excellence as the pastors continue to tend to their members and reach out to their communities.
Our Bible Institute IMAP meets online now. Please pray for the adjustment for students and teachers to the different mode of learning.
New missionaries coming to Paraguay in August who are learning Spanish

For the food kits distributed by the Alliance, the national church and others sources.
For the initiative of one of our men who has organized a community coop to combine resources and provide hot lunches every day.
For the encouragement of discouraged members during the quarantine.
For the preaching of the Gospel through creative methods.

If you are able, take a moment to consider how you can help today at You can continue giving to the Great Commission Fund or you can choose one of these Bracewell options:
Contribute to Support Fund
Contribute to Work Fund
Contribute to Outfit Fund
We have been assigned to support three pastors and their churches in southern Asunción:
Pastor Tranquilino - Mbokayaty Church - newly elected national C&MA president - music ministry - discipleship ministry - continued momentum in evangelism.
Pastor Vicente - Nemby Church - Developing an evangelism strategy - critical need to rebuild the parsonage - music ministry - after school tutoring center
Pastor Ruben - San Antonio Church - Leadership training and discipleship - youth ministry - continued growth.



Updated: February 23, 2021

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