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Praise God, seven people were baptized on Sunday, February 25, 2018 at a joint service with our mother church. Our mother church pastor, Pastor Sukprasan, officiated. The five from Baan Paeo shared their testimonies with us in our morning worship service before we loaded into cars and vans to meet the mother church at a community swimming pool in Mahachai. Here is a bit of their stories:

"I never thought I would ever be happy. I cried all the time," Samruay shared with me a few weeks back. Her life had been miserable. Her husband Sunun had been addicted to alcohol for over 30 years. Sunun gave his life to Jesus in March 2016, asking us to pray that Jesus would deliver him from the alcohol. Praise God, his day of freedom came in July 2016. He has not touched alcohol since. Samruay watched in astonishment as her husband started the process of becoming new in Christ. She would often join her husband as Ed discipled him each week. By October 2016, Samruay was ready to trust in Jesus for herself. "I believe God is real. I don’t cry anymore. Jesus has really helped me," she joyfully proclaimed on her day of baptism.

Nok and her husband Rung were first invited to our Wednesday cell group at Nun’s hair salon back in February 2016 by Nok’s older sister Jay Muay. "Jay Muay invited me to come and see how these strange foreigners chant," she shared on her day of baptism. Nok and Rung came a few times, but decided they weren’t interested. Nun had a chance to share with them later in the year about how God had been answering prayer for her. Nok and Rung decided to try the group again. This time they also tried praying to God. They started to see God helping them in their work of pouring concrete roads. By Christmas 2016 they put their trust in Jesus. "We have seen God answer our prayers over and over," she said. Rung added, "Before my life was full of worry and anxiety. I always felt like I did not have enough time for everything. But now God has helped me with my use of time. I love God with all my heart! Now I am a child of God!"

Mui, a college student, came to the church last August at the invitation of a church member. She was already a believer for about a year but had never been discipled or baptized. She was looking for a church closer to her home in Baan Paeo. She eagerly studied with Sue when she was in Baan Paeo on school breaks. "I started to believe in God because of problems in my family," she shared with the congregation. "The problems became worse when I was in eleventh and twelfth grade. I was so angry and wanted to get revenge. My older brother had become a Christian and invited me to pray. I still have problems but now I can forgive others. I have seen my life change. I love Jesus. I won’t turn back," she added.

Mayta came to the church in September last year after seeing our church sign. He had been away from the Lord for ten years but wanted to start over. He had never been discipled or baptized, so we asked our colleague Brian Lindsay to follow him up. Eight of his family members traveled several hours that Sunday to join him in celebrating his baptism. Many of his family members are strong Christians and were thrilled that Mayta is back walking with the Lord. "My life has had many obstacles but God hasn’t left me. I still have joy in the midst of my problems because I have God," he shared.

After a beautiful baptism service we joined our mother church for their afternoon worship service and were able to hear the testimonies of the two people from their church. The first was a Thai lady named Joy. She had seen how God often answered prayers for her wayward son. The second was a young American who has been in Thailand since September. Ramiro has been a Christian a little less than a year. He will be marrying his Thai girlfriend in April, who is also a believer. Brian was able to disciple him in English to help him grow in his faith.

Please pray for each of the seven that were baptized, that they will continue to grow strong in the faith.

To see a YouTube video of the event, please go to www.cmastories.com/danneker

Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

Praise and Prayer requests – March 2018

1. Praise God, 4 -6 teenagers have joined us each Saturday afternoon for our newly formed youth outreach. One 17 year old young man named Nite has already decided to put his trust in Jesus after attending a few times. Pray for Ed as he disciples Nite. Pray that God continues to draw teens to himself.

2. Praise God for how He is moving among people in their golden years. Nun's 77 year old dad has been coming to church quite regularly and loves listening to his audio Bible. Pranom, a lady who just turned 86, has been coming for over a month and says she believes. She's been curious about Christianity for about 30 years but never had an opportunity to find out what it's all about, until now. Please pray for these and others. The group from Mae Klong, also in their golden years, makes everyone feel welcome. Praise God.

3. The Mahapawn Baan Paeo Church will be one year old this month. We will have a special celebration on March 11. Pray that God will continue to grow this congregation. Pray that the Lord will provide the necessary Thai leadership, especially a Thai pastor.

4. Please pray that God would provide for our next vehicle. If you would like to contribute to this fund, you may do so on www.cmalliance.org/give and typing in "Ed Danneker", then selecting "vehicle".



Updated: March 05, 2018

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