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Praise God, on November 20, five new Thai believers took the public step to proclaim their faith in Jesus to the church and to the world through baptism. Each of the candidates had invited Jesus into their hearts within the last year. After the baptism at the local swimming pool, each of them was asked to share before the congregation back at the church. Here is some of their story and some of what they shared:

Sombat: "I thank God that our family now has much happiness. I feel very peaceful now that I am walking with Jesus. I want others to receive the blessing too. My life is so much better since I put my faith in Jesus." Sombat's oldest daughter was the first believer in the family. Over the years she witnessed to each member. Sombat's husband was next to believe about 7 years ago, followed by another daughter and two grandchildren. Sombat herself decided to put her trust in Jesus just a few months before we met her last year. The monthly cell group at their home "in the coconut orchard" has been instrumental to Sombat's growth and decision to follow the Lord in baptism. She told us at the cell group the week after the baptism that she did not think her faith would have grown, if the group had not kept coming and encouraging her.

Lamoon: We met Lamoon during some outreaches in the community where she lives, less than a kilometer from the church in Mahachai. She started coming to church off and on with her grandson, Boon. She formerly put her faith in Jesus in April. She was especially blessed by the audio Bible we were able to give her, since she does not read. "Thank you for coming to my home," she shared on the day of her baptism. "I never really lacked anything. But I was worried about by grandson, Boon, who can have epileptic seizures. But since we have come to faith in Jesus, Boon’s health is much better. Now my family has peace and joy."

Bale: "Before I came to faith in Jesus, I had so many problems. I am so thankful God sent missionaries, Ed and Sue. I remember one thing Sue said that day she met me. She said, "There is a better way." So many times I did not think my life had much value. I so often felt defeated. But I thank God for the encouragement from all my brothers and sisters in Christ. I thank God he has led me to this day. I know there are still many things in my life that God needs to help me through. I ask everyone to pray for me, that I will be strong in the faith.

Ahn: "I really thank God so much when I think back to my life before I became a Christian. Bale believed before I did. I was having many problems at that time. My life had sunk very low. I remember thinking if I were to leave this earth, where would I be going? Where did I hope I would be? One thing Bale said to me is that Jesus can forgive our sins. Our hope can be in Jesus. I thought about what Bale said a lot and wondered what it all really meant. Then I went to the cell group in Baan Paeo. So many people encouraged me. I am so thankful I prayed and asked Jesus into my life to be my Savior. Many things in my life have changed since that day: both in how I think and in what I do. Jesus is helping me. I thank God."

Sunun: Sunun had begun attending the cell group at his brother-in-law’s home in January and came to faith in Jesus in March. The Lord gradually helped him decrease his intake of alcohol, which he had consumed for more than 30 years. His day of freedom was July 3. He has not touched a drop of alcohol since. "Before, my life was miserable. I was so sick. Medicine did not help much. I thank everyone who encouraged me. My life had been so terrible. Thank you so much that you introduced me to the Jesus way. I am now his child, since I asked him into my life. Thank you so much."

Please continue to pray for all five of these new believers, that they will continue to grow in their faith and live victorious lives in Christ.

Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer


1. God continues to bless us with new believers. Jay-Muay started coming to the Baan Paeo cell group at the invitation of Nun. She trusted in Jesus as her Savior in September. Samruay is so thankful that Jesus has helped her husband, Sunun, quit drinking alcohol. This opened her heart to the Gospel. She came to faith in Jesus in October. Bale's grandmother, Tong-Jera also trusted in Jesus that month. All three of these older ladies are non-readers and have really been blessed by the audio Bibles we have given them. Pray that they continue to grow in their faith.

2. Praise God, Pastor Sukprasan married his fiancee, Eve, on October 28 in a very beautiful, God honoring service. Eve is a very gifted young lady and has already been a great blessing to the church.

3. Please pray for the upcoming Christmas outreaches: Dec. 6 for 100 high school students of an English teacher that attends the Mahapawn Living Water Church, Dec. 23 for 150 children (K-6) at a school in Baan Paeo, Dec. 24 for 50 children in front of Nun's Hair Salon in Baan Paeo (the regular Saturday kid's club children will be presenting a Christmas play and song), Dec. 25 for everyone at the Mahapawn Living Water Church in Mahachai.

4. We are stepping out in faith and beginning to look for a building to rent so we can start Sunday worship services here in Baan Paeo. Pray that God provides the perfect place for the "Mahapawn Baan Paeo Church."



Updated: December 04, 2016

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