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Prayer Letter/Ministry Update


We have really been doing a lot the past 2 months.
You might think by reading this that the only thing we did was cut down some trees, but that is just part of it.
We have made a few decisions, one that effects where we live!
Yes, that is correct. We moved. We are still in Gabon at Bongolo, but have moved into a house instead of the apartment where we have been living. We have now moved to House 4. That is the house that the Thelander’s were living in. They have relocated back to the States to take another role in the PAACS program.
We started moving in some items soon after they left but the main moving day was last Saturday. We had lots of help from the missionary team packing and moving items. Then it is our time to rearrange things to where we would like them. It is not done yet but we are getting close.

Another decision on our part, we to postponed our home assignment this year, to next year.
This was a tough decision for us. We thought about all the pros and cons and prayed over it.
One of the biggest reasons for us was the Thelander’s leaving, it is going to leave a big hole here in Bongolo with out them. We also have some really big projects going on right now to that needs Paul’s attention. Lots of other reasons went into this decision too. Please pray that we made the right choice.
We took a trip to the US Embassy in Libreville to get our Passports renewed.
We are going to be taking a really quick trip to New York for some training on repairing Oxygen Concentrators. Paul only had one page left in his passport so it needed to be done for this trip. We fly out on the 10th of June, return on the 16th.
Oh yes, we cut down some trees too.
This has been a huge prayer request for about 3 years or so. One of the trees was over a power wire and leaning towards a house. The base of the trunk was rotten. It would have fell on the house and power lines if not cut down properly. I had 4 trees in mind that really needed professional trees cutters to take down. The first tree we cut down was more of a test to see how the tree was going to react. These trees were much bigger than they usually cut down. We were successful in falling the tree where we wanted it to go. That tree was also rotten at the base and up about 20 feet. It could have fallen on our new transformer. Tree number 2 was a huge tree that was in the way of a proposed new house. There were many things that could go wrong when falling this tree too, but nothing did. Well, one thing did happen that was really unforeseen. One of the tree branches on the trunk of the tree buried itself deep in the earth when it fell and broke one of our fiber optic lines. We now have that issue solved. Tree 3 was the tree I mentioned at the beginning, the tree over the house and power lines. I had thought that I would at least have to take down the power lines. But it was a work of art how he cut the branches off and they fell on the opposite side of the tree, avoiding the power lines. That just left the trunk of the tree. It was easily directed away from the house with a bunch of guys pulling on a rope that was attached high in the tree. Tree 4 was a huge rotten tree by the road that could have fallen on some hospital buildings. That proved to be a piece of cake.
What to do now, we still had sometime left and the 4 trees were safely on the ground. Ok, there was one more tree that could be taken down that was not an immediate threat. So we thought that it would be prudent to take it down now when we had the experts here.
This tree had me in some tense moments for an hour and a half. When falling this tree the pull rope broke that we were using to fall the tree away from a house. The tree snapped back and everyone scattered. But the tree stood up. I could not believe it. I actually had to go to the bathroom right then. It was some tense times. They quickly repaired the rope and hooked it back up to the back hoe that we were using to pull with. We got some wedges and started banging them in with a sledge. After some time I could see the guys from the U.S. were exhausted from the last hour and a half of intense work, so I told Tom to let one of my workers ,Olivier, swing the sledge. It was perfect timing. Olivier took three swings with the sledge and the tree fell where Tom had it planned to fall. Wow, intense! Lots of hollering and praising God after that tree fell. Then they flew to Libreville and cut down 2 more trees there.
Paul and Meladee, International Workers in Gabon, Africa

Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

Our up coming flight
For us as we settle into our new house.
For all the projects that are going on here in Bongolo.
Pray for our parents. As they are not 100% and seem to be at the doctors and hospitals a lot.
Pray for Tom’s ear. An ant got in there when he was up a tree and he had to have the ant removed surgically. He is still experiencing some issues.

That we were able to move into a house and have more space.
That Paul is able to take a class to be able to repair oxygen concentrators.
That we got our passports renewed without and issues.



Updated: May 30, 2016

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