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Many times God’s Word reminds us to be thankful. I have been thankful:
-for opportunities to share about the ministry in Cambodia, both in some of the ANW district churches as well as in Pennsylvania. Thanks to all who have hosted me.

-for opportunities to catch up with friends that I have known for a long time and for making new friends along the way.

-for some relaxation and doing some fun things such as going to see a presentation of Jonah-excellent, hiking, visiting some historical/cultural sights and a zoo, even a wedding, etc.

-for good visits with family, catching up and encouraging

-for safety in travels, especially as I drove in unfamiliar areas and some flying too.

-for a great time at Council in Ohio. There were good challenging messages about the Holy Spirit’s work in us and taking the opportunity to share with others. Some of those messages were similar to the devotionals in a book I am reading- to let God live in us fully and be available to Him every day.

-more sensitivity to the Holy Spirit for boldness, sharing, and vision for days ahead

-the sharing about God’s work in Cambodia during the fall tour in the ANW district and other churches

-family members with health and other issues, that the healing power of God would be clearly seen

-issues in Cambodia that have affected upcoming younger leadership.
Chamrouen was to lead in a new church group that was started, but he had an unfortunate accident,
falling into a waterfall and drowning. It was a blow to the church and to his family, but they are rallying
to move forward. Pray for God’s comfort during these days.

Another young man was bringing the cows home and was bit by a snake and died. Pray
for that community and his family

Tum who also is active in church work, had a motorcycle accident and was unconscious a few days.
He has a broken leg so that he went to Vietnam for surgery. Pray for a full recovery.

We take the promise that God’s church will prevail and also we are reminded to daily put on the armor of God as our adversary is on the prowl.

-Kbal Romeas village where one more person put his trust in Jesus. That is 3 believers now. Pray for Chhean and the others who go to minister there-for travels and for more hearts to be open to the truth and grace of God.

-Sanang who teaches in Pu Trum village has begun teaching some children songs and stories about Jesus on Thursday afternoons. She would like to find a small and cheap piece of land to build a small house that would be a gathering place for the kids and a place where she could give extra teaching for kids that are slow learners. Pray for God to open the right doors and right opportunities.

As always thanks to you who support through giving and prayer. Have a wonderful summer.
Together in His service, Joyce Johns
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Updated: July 10, 2017

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