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Krueger Komments June 2017


Comings and Goings
We once again send you greetings from now a wet and green Timbi Madina, here in Guinea, West Africa. The rains have now started in earnest and with them comes the new planting season. During the past several months, we have had the opportunity to see some different types of comings and goings in our life here. We traveled to another town about 3 hours from here for an eyeglass clinic the first part of March. We worked with some of our sister mission workers to provide eyeglasses to over 200 people during our three days of clinic. They also received Scripture portions in print or digital forms and were prayed for. Our colleagues there are continuing to see fruit from this ministry.
The end of that same month we as a team traveled by road to Senegal for a joint subregion field forum. It was a time to see many of our long time friends from Senegal, meet new ones. It was for us as a team to work on some team dynamics via the seminar focus on learning about each of our unique personalities and how they mesh together.
During this past dry season , we saw the coming to Christ of one of our neighbors during the Easter meetings. Let me tell you a small bit of his story. Mr. S.D. has been our neighbor for at least 10 years. When we first knew him he was always a bit harsh with his family and friends, never had time for talking about spiritual things. Then about four years ago, his son was severely injured due to an electrical shock and burns. His son was spared from death but left with a damaged hand. During this time we talked to the family about how God spared his life and that God wants to know us personally. We gave S.D. a memory card with stories of the Bible in Pular and then later we gave him a Pular New Testament in the Arabic script format.
We really didn't think that much was happening in this man until in February he came with a severe tooth infection that had spread into his upper face and head and was close to dying because of this. So our truck served as an amblance to take him to the regional government hospital where he received some assistance. During the following week at his home, I (Mark) was giving him IV meds and one day he said, “I have been reading about you.” I asked what did he mean, and he showed me the New Testament and said he had been reading in the book of Mark. So I encouraged him to continue that. By the end of that next week though his infection was returning so we assisted him to travel to the Christian hospital called Compassion about a 3 hour drive away. There they treated him immediately and he stayed on there for about three weeks until he was cleared to come home. During that time he saw a consistent Christian witness by the staff there. By the way, thank you to those who give to our Work Special account as it is by this means we were able to help him cover the expenses of his stay.
When he returned he wanted to study the Bible even more and so it was on the Saturday morning before Easter after we had finished studying that being prompted by the Holy Spirit I asked if he would like to attend the spiritual retreat we were holding that weekend. He said yes, and so spent that whole day and into the evening soaking in the Word as it was shared. Then on Easter Sunday, I asked if he was ready to go again and he replied that there was a “small” problem. He had been up since 2 am and assisted his wife at 4 am in the birth of their fourth child in their little home! He said however, he was gong to see if his brother who was staying with him would be able to help the family while he went for the services that day. He worked it out and went again and when the call was given for those who wanted to follow Jesus, he stood with those who did. Later, he went to the river and was baptized then too. Since that time he has not ceased to have a hunger to study and understand the Scriptures. We are praying that his whole family will come to know the Savior.
We also experienced some sad goings during this time period as two of our good Fulbe friends, Mamadou and Mariama passed into eternity. They both had the chance to hear the good news of Christ and we have prayed that they made a decision to follow Jesus at some point. So our car also served as a hearse to take the body of our one friend back to his home village for burial. Thank you to those who have given to help us have this vehicle here for ministry.
In April and May, we hosted our regional Orality teacher team as they came to Guinea to do training workshops throughout the country. We were able to participate with them in the first and fifth one. Using the oral method of Biblical storytelling is a powerful way to reach so many in this oral based society. One of our newly baptized believers Mr. A.D., was able to attend the last seminar with us and now we are working together to prepare a story set to use here in our area. He also is studying almost daily with us the Scriptures. Our local pastor also attended and it is our hope that he too will soon apply this method with the local Forest people Chistian assembly.
One going that we are a bit sad about is the retirement of our long time colleagues and friends, Dan and Melody Ibsen. Having known them for over 30 years during their time in Guinea we will miss them greatly but know that the work they have done here in Guinea will have lasting effects for eternity. We do however look forward to the return of our colleagues, George and Doris Nuss as they join our team in July and will be based in another town here in the Fouta to work on completion of the translation of the Bible into Pular.
One other coming event happens this next week as we welcome an Envision team coming to help us do an eyeglass clinic in the village that our friend who died was from. In fact, because of the caring relationship we had with the young man and his family we are being given a warm welcome to come and do this clinic. We will also take some time while the team is here to do some prayer walking events around town as we seek to see the spiritual climate change. This is a difficult time right now as we are in the middle of the fasting month called Ramadan and so many of our neighbors are seeking to please God with their refraining from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset for the whole month.
Finally, we too will be going someplace the end of June as we leave for a month of vacation and visits with family in the US. We will be spending time with all of our children and grandchildren that are spread out over four different states. We look forward to sharing our belated birthday and holiday celebrations with them. So we probably will not see most of you but we can give you a wave as we fly over a good part of the country during the month of July!

In Christ,
Mark and Dee Krueger

"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose." Jim Elliot

Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

1. Pray for the upcoming clinic and time with the Envision team as they join us here from the 10-14th.
2. Pray for the continuing spiritual growth of Mr. S.D. and Mr. A.D., as we study with them over the next few weeks, pray also for God to give them family members to come to Christ also.
3. Pray for our colleagues who are finalizing their things for their return to Guinea in July.
4. Pray for another spiritual son of ours who is seeking the Lord about marriage in the near future.
5. Pray for us as we travel to the states that we will have restful and meaningful times with our family there.



Updated: June 07, 2017

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