David and Christine Manfred

Here are some Praises:


Thanks for your prayers for the Manfreds and our ongoing ministry in Cambodia.

COVID-19 has impacted Cambodia but not nearly as seriously as in most parts of the world. Schools continue to be closed and religious meetings with more than about 10 people are banned. As of May 6, there are only 122 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Cambodia, 120 of whom have fully recovered, and there have been 0 deaths (officially, at least). There have not been any new cases officially diagnosed here for more than 3 weeks. We continue to believe that this has to do with the hot weather, high humidity, young population (half of Cambodians are under 26), and that this is a country with lots of germs so everyone already has a strong immune system! Whatever it is, it is continues to be God’s grace. The authorities are keeping a close eye on things and it could still change quickly if obvious community spread begins.

None of our Alliance Missions Cambodia team have left Cambodia over COVID-19. Praise the Lord, we’re all here.

In spite of COVID-19 and limits on public meetings, we are seeing some remarkable opportunities for ministry through our Cambodia Alliance Missions team including:

1. In January, the Cambodia Alliance Mission started a partnership with the KEC (Khmer Evangelical Church – the name of the Alliance churches in Cambodia) to do video ministry together. David shared a message based on Isaiah 55:8-9 on April 26 that has had over 7600 views on Facebook so far. For those interested in hearing David preach in Khmer, it can be seen at https://www.facebook.com/100972518181667/videos/3116623625025801

2. Over the past week, we are facilitating a partnership between World Relief Cambodia and our local C&MA Cambodia churches to do COVID-19 prevention training to at least 2,500 homes throughout Cambodia through C&MA local church leaders. This training will involve a church leader going to at least 50 homes in their community to give training to one person from each house in basic hygiene and actions to prevent COVID-19 spread (something that is not well understood here). The individual family member will then present this to the rest of their family. They will also receive a poster on COVID-prevention and a bar of soap at each house. They will do this training, house by house, in at least 50 villages throughout Cambodia. There is a possibility this program could expand even further to thousands more homes in the future.

3. In the midst of all the economic uncertainty around the world, the Lord raised up several donors to provide the remaining funds needed to complete the construction of Urban Ministry Training Center (UMTC) student dorm and teacher residence. This brings to an end our 3.5 year journey to finance this structure that we know will be such an important tool to train urban house church leaders to reach the growing urban populations in Cambodia. Our praise to God for His provision! And also our great thanks to those who have given sacrificially to see this become reality. The construction of the UMTC Student Dorm and Teacher Residence should be finished in about a month.

4. Our two current Bible translation projects continue to move forward.

5. The ministry at the new Addiction and Recovery Center continues to expand with some amazing opportunities to help a family that lives next to the center. Not only are people being set free from their addictions, they are meeting Christ.

6. Since many people in Cambodia have lost their jobs, food assistance is being given through a number of our missionaries to people with needs.

7. Our Alliance Missions medical team in Poipet continues to bravely serve the medical needs of Cambodians

8. Our Alliance Missions team throughout the country is meeting once/week via Zoom for prayer together.

Here are some Prayer Requests

Your ongoing prayers for the Lord’s ongoing work through our Cambodia Alliance Missions team and through His Church here are greatly appreciated. May the Lord help us to see the creative opportunities all around us to bring practical help in the Name of Christ.

Pray for the COVID-19 prevention training that will happen in at least 2,500 homes. As this advice is given to both Christians and non-Christians, we are praying that this will also open doors for deeper relationships and opportunities to share Christ in these 50 villages.

The biggest long-term impact of COVID-19 in Cambodia will be economic. The Cambodian economy has 3 pillars: agriculture, the garment industry, and tourism. The latter two have been decimated. Many Cambodians are out of work. Pray for the mission to have wisdom as we strive to address these physical needs in Jesus’ Name in the weeks and months ahead.

Pray for the new Lao speaking believers in Stung Treng province, for them to be grounded in their new faith, that a Lao speaking church would be established, and that this would lead to many more Lao speaking people coming to faith in Cambodia.

Pray for Chris as she will begin to give oversight over the new Alliance Missions Addiction and Recovery Center in June.

Pray for David as decisions for the Alliance Missions team weigh on his shoulders. Pray for both wisdom and, most importantly, faith.

Pray for Jenna as her senior year at school was cut short. Her plans at this point continue to be to leave for the US at the end of June and to attend Northwestern University in MN this Fall. Pray that with all that is still unsure, that she would discern the Lord’s path forward.

Our ministry and the work of The Alliance is impacted by the economic realities that come with the COVID-19 crisis. Like many of you and your churches we are significantly reducing spending, including having all Alliance Mission workers like us live on 10% less for the months ahead. We’re grateful to remain where God has called us, and for new opportunities to serve in this unique moment. Thank you for partnering with us, especially to those of you continuing to give online. Let us know how we can pray for you, too, in the challenges of your experiences in these days of COVID-19.

To support us, please visit https://cmalliance.org/give/ . Under Gift Type, choose “give to The Alliance” or “to a worker you love.” Under the latter, type “David and Christine Manfred" in the search box, click on us, and then select the fund(s) of your choice. Then enter the amount you want to give and scroll down to continue with your information.

Thank you so much for your partnership through prayer, and as the Lord leads, through support.

Dave and Chris



Updated: May 06, 2020

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