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Dear Friends, Dec 2017
Christmas is just around the corner and so is the New Year. I can’t believe it’s almost 2018! Let me tell you a bit of what’s been happening the last couple months.

Cultural Tidbits
L’Avent (pronounced la-vohn without the n) is Advent and we just started that season. Advent is the four weeks before Christmas and has the meaning of “coming” behind it, specifically the coming of the light of the world, Jesus, to conquer and expel the darkness. Here in France, it’s popular to see advent calendars all over in the stores for kids that have chocolates behind each little door in the cardboard holder with some Christmas scene on it to countdown to Christmas. In churches and in some homes, you can see an advent wreath, usually made of pine tree branches decorated with bows and pinecones with four candles in it, where you light a candle each of the four Sundays before Christmas. In our home, we celebrate advent as a family each night where we open up an envelope that has three things in it. One- a few lines of a devotional about advent; two- a verse from the Bible of one of the many prophecies about Christ and the verse in the Bible that talks of the fulfillment of that prophecy; three- a short paragraph on how Christmas is celebrated in another country in the world coupled with a small Christmas game or a couple sheets with Christmas-themed mazes, crossword puzzles, Sudoku, mad-libs, word searches, etc. The third thing is mainly for the kids to get them interested and involved as well. It has become a highlight of our Christmas celebrations.

On an October Friday, after Mally and I went to Limoges for him to preach, I had an amazing conversation with Corinne, my French tutor. She asked why we went to Limoges and I told her it was for Mally to preach to a few churches. She started asking questions about the church we are a part of and what about other churches and the differences. I was able to share with her how even though there may be some differences in how we do things, the core of what we and many other protestant churches teach is the same and that is that God loves everyone and wants a relationship with us. That’s why he sent his Son, Jesus, to pay for our sin. She asked me if the reason that I believe as I do is because I grew up in the church and that’s all I know. I told her that even though I grew up in the church, I realized that God loved me and wanted a relationship with me and I actually chose to come into a relationship with Him and wasn’t forced into it or just went along with what I’ve always known and been taught. She grew up Catholic but did not like “religion” pushed on her and so she is not interested in anything related to that. Please keep praying for her!

Mally’s preaching in French went very well in October and people came up to him afterwards to let him know that the Lord used his sermon to speak to them. We were able to pray with a lady whose son was having some problems like Mally has experienced in the past.

In November, we traveled to WI to be a part of the missions fest at my home church. It was so great! We were exhausted afterwards, but we met so many wonderful people, told our stories many times and connected well with people throughout the church. Mally was able to connect with a bunch of people whose own stories resonate with his and all were mutually encouraged. Thanks so much for praying!

I’m so thankful for the support that you all give through prayer and financially. Listed below are the ways that people can support me financially. I’ve seen some letters from international workers where they put little pictures of gauges on where they are in their support. I’m not really that technologically-minded to be able to do that so I’ll just mention it in words. My support fund is going great and each month I have more than enough, my work fund is ok and my outfit fund is not doing well. Again, the support fund is used toward our set amount for our monthly salary, the work fund is used to support ministry projects and the outfit fund is used for items such as appliances and home furnishings. I mention this because our washing machine just died and although buying a washing machine doesn’t seem like something very spiritual, worrying about where the money will come from to buy something essential to live with for our family is not what we are called to do. We have chosen to trust God to provide for our needs, but as you all know, sometimes anxieties creep in and giving it all back to God isn’t easy. I want to walk in line with the Word and I want to be open and honest with people about the really good things going on as well as the struggles. Would you pray about giving a donation to one of the areas that isn’t funded well?

Thanks for praying for Mally’s fundraising as well. Please keep praying. We are encouraged as we have seen the percentage rise slightly toward being fully funded, but it is difficult to see it still in the 30% range. Pray that we would walk by faith and not by sight in this area specifically.

December is a month where books need to be done and normal work is happening, but it’s also a time where I do my yearly baking of Christmas cookies and deliver them to the neighbors. Pray that we would be able to connect better with our neighbors through this.

We will be spending Christmas in Germany with my boss and his family. Since I used to stay with his kids while he and his wife traveled, I’m excited that the kids (now in college) are all going to be back in Germany and we’ll get to hang out with the whole family together!

Thanks and thank you also for your support in prayer and financially. You are appreciated!

9 rue Racine
78220 Viroflay

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Ways you can give:

1. To the Great Commission Fund of the C&MA
2. “Valary McLoughlin-outfit fund”
3. “Valary McLoughlin – work”

These tax-deductible gifts can be made payable to “The C&MA” designated to one of the funds above and sent to: The C&MA, 8595 Explorer Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80920.

Great Commission Fund (written on the memo line) This is where my monthly allowance comes from as well as the monthly allowances for all C&MA workers.
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Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

Prayer Requests
1.Normal life circumstances often present opportunities to speak truth into the kids’ lives and help them navigate what is right and wrong. Continue to pray for Mally and I as we help guide the kids through life. We need God’s wisdom for this!
2.Pray for good connections with our neighbors.
3.Pray for Corinne to see God’s love for her and come into a relationship with Him.
4.Praise the Lord that the missions fest in WI in November went so well! Pray that God would continue the work that He wants to do in the lives of the people there.



Updated: December 11, 2017

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9 rue Racine
78220 Viroflay,

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