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Harvest Promise Toulouse
Reynolds’ Prayer Update
“My house will be a house of prayer for ALL nations” Mark 11:17

Prayer has mighty power to move mountains because the Holy Spirit is ready both to encourage our praying and to remove the mountains hindering us. Prayer has the power to change mountains into highways. Wesley Duewel, Touch the World Through Prayer

Prayer changes mountains into highways.
Last Friday evening after sending out the prayer update earlier in the day, we received an email from a faithful supporter. Seeing once again our request for help with the River Dwellers project, their first thought was that we had gotten something wrong because the answer had not yet come. Then God clearly spoke; they were to send us the amount we had requested. After learning that we would not hear of the answer for a month, they sent us an email letting us know that God had answered prayer. Wow! We were deeply moved.

Our translator is working hard on the project and needs prayer support. Dr. Rob Reimer’s book, River Dwellers ( will be the first of his books in French. Yet there other books like Soul Care ( that could be helpful for French leaders.

So as you pray, if God puts it on your heart to participate financially in the translation project, please send your gift to The Alliance, designated TRANSLATION SPECIAL 1-47200-45-50-04000. It can either be sent directly to The Alliance, 8595 Explorer Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80920 or on The Alliance website, Thank you!

Prayer changes mountains into highways.
On Sunday morning, a young French evangelist and his wife were invited to speak at EPI. This young couple are part of our mentoring groups. He was our translator at the Soul Care weekend in Versailles with Rob Reimer in January. What an encouraging morning as we heard from members of this new generation of leaders! We also had several first time visitors, including a man from the same country as our refugee friends. He told Tina afterward how he has often seen Jesus in his dreams. We are hoping that he will come back and become rooted in a relationship with the Lord Jesus.

Prayer changes mountains into highways.
This morning, Ascension Day, a national holiday, we were waiting for women and their families from the English Café conversation group to join the team for a picnic in a local park. A car drove up. A woman with a little boy got out and came over to me (Brad). She asked “What is a Protestant church? My grandson wants to know.” I began to tell her who we were and then asked, “Would you like to see inside the building?” She agreed right away. So as we walked through the rooms, I told them about the nearly 50 children we have in our church, the fun things they do, and the lessons they learn about Jesus. As we walked into the main room, she said how she had left her former religion in a quest for simplicity. I told her about the most important reality is having a relationship with God. “Oh, yes!” she said. Because the rest of the group was waiting for me, we didn’t have time to talk more. So I gave her some info about our activities and a booklet explaining the gospel message. She was so happy, smiling and waving as we said goodbye.

Speak to your mountain in Jesus’ name. Take the authority Jesus has given you as His official representative. Speak from your position with Jesus on the throne. You have prayed and have determined God wants the mountain to be moved. You are sure it is His time. God has given you the steps of faith. Go forward and speak boldly to the mountain; command Satan to take his forces and go.
Wesley Duewel, Touch the World through Prayer

Lord, teach us to pray!

Living His call together with you,
Brad & Tina
serving with The Alliance in France since 1988

Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

Ways to pray:
For the River Dwellers book translation,
For a new generation of French leaders,
For a woman and her grandson who recently visited the church.



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