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Reynolds’ Prayer Update
“My house will be a house of prayer for ALL nations” Mark 11:17

On his knees the believer is invincible.
C. H. Spurgeon

on his knees
It is difficult for us to summarize all that has happened in the past month, all completely unexpected and unplanned. We went away to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary, a quiet relaxing time, little knowing that God was preparing us for what was to come next. The day of our return, our daughter phoned to tell us that she was having a colonoscopy because of some suspicious places in her lungs and liver, discovered by an unrelated exam. She had no symptoms. We were shocked at the diagnosis: stage 4 colon cancer.

Our first response was a desire to be with Elissa. Fortunately, our regional director couple, Jerry and Shelly Kragt, was visiting and they encouraged us to go. The next morning, we were on our way to Atlanta. Since our arrival on October 18, we have been with her for her first oncologist visit, surgical consultation, and the start of chemotherapy. Her liver tumors are presently inoperable but the surgeon is hoping that by the end of the year, the chemo will have reduced the tumors enough to operate. Our goal is surgery, because that can bring a cure. We know that God can heal, with or without medical means.

on his knees
We know that this illness is not from God but a clear frontal attack from the adversary of our souls. The week that she began having problems was when the French edition of Church on Fire was released. The project of establishing College of Prayer France has been a 7-year challenge. Yet we have seen God’s hand over and over, clearly demonstrating His Presence. With the conviction that a French campus of College of Prayer is the will of God, we know that nothing will stop this work. We declare once again the lordship of Jesus over our family and ministry.

We are feeble, but the Lord our God is mighty,
and the battle is the Lord’s, rather than ours.
C. H. Spurgeon

Lord, teach us to pray!

Living His call together with you,
Brad & Tina
serving with The Alliance in France since 1988

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Ways to pray :
our daughter’s complete and total healing,
the establishment of College of Prayer, France.



Updated: November 03, 2017

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