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Surgery, Snakes, and the Son
T H E L A N D E R U P D A T E # 3 9 J U N E 2 0 1 0

Since March we have been blessed and challenged in so many ways.
Most recently we had a new addition to the family. Jean and Jackie Yaradouno
were blessed with a baby girl on June 12, 2010. All seem to be
doing well. A new program for caring for tibia and femur fractures was
started here at Bongolo under the guidance of Dr. Robert Greene. Bob
spent over two months with us caring for complex orthopedic problems as
well as instructing on this more advanced technique. Thank you to Bob. Also, Dr. Bill Wilson made
his second trip bringing Dr. Jack Ewig with him this time. Thank you for your continued support and
The annual exam for PAACS will be July 3rd, pray for preparations.
Also, Drs. Yaradouno and Yali will be graduating this July.
Pray for Dr. Yaradouno as he returns to Guinea to begin working
at Hope Clinic and for Dr. Yali as he prepares to go to Angola.
Dr. Yali has many documents
and governmental
issues with entering Angola,
please pray that he
will find favor with the
“powers that be”. Jean-
Claude Bataneni will be returning from South Africa this
week. Pray for safe travels for he and his family. In addition,
pray for all the necessary paperwork, passports, visas, to be
taken care of quickly for our newest resident, Dr. Anatole
Nzanzu, scheduled to arrive in August from the D.R.C.

Since March a lot has been
going on. There are many
active construction projects
and renovations: administrative
office floor about finished, Xray
building finally occupied by
the x-ray unit, outpatient clinic
awaiting finishing of walls and
interior, duplex for residents
foundation just about finished,
renovations in surgery ward,
and additions on the dental
clinic, just to name a few.
Now with the x-ray unit in its
new location, it would be great
to have the digital reader
working. The humidity causes
great problems for the x-ray
film’s longevity. Having the
digital system up and going
would be an excellent advance
in the radiology department.
As you may recall in August
we had a fire that caused thousands
of dollars worth of damage.
In response, some supporters
of the hospital had
been seeking a fire truck to
ship out to us and one was
found! Now the process involves
finding the best way to
ship it to Gabon and transport
it to Bongolo. The local minister
of roads (one of 20 or so
ministers in Gabon) and the
local Prefet (government official)
are quite excited about
this development and forming
a local team of “firemen” in
case of another fire. We pray
this will be another way to
share the Good News of Jesus
with our community. Since
January, over 600 people from
all over Gabon have put their
faith in Christ while at Bongolo

We will be returning to the US for about 3 months starting
the end of July. Here is our general schedule…
July 22-Aug. 1 Philadelphia, PA
August 2-11 Rochester, NY
August 12-15 Kentucky Family Reunion
Aug. 16-Sept. 2 Indianapolis, IN
Sept. 3-6 Chicago, IL
Sept. 7-9 Lafayette, IN
Sept. 10 Toledo, OH
Sept. 11-14 Cleveland, OH
Sept. 15-20 Dayton, OH
Sept. 20-Oct. 3 Cleveland, OH
Oct. 3-7 Keir—Washington, DC
Oct. 4-7 Joanna and kids—Rochester, NY
Oct. 8-14 Cape Cod, MA
Oct. 15-21 Rochester, NY
Oct. 22-30 Hawaii
Oct. 31-Nov.4 Rochester, NY
Nov. 5-9 Indianapolis, IN
Nov. 10-13 Louisville, KY
Nov. 14-17 Indianapolis, IN
Nov. 17 fly back to Gabon
Though the schedule is almost complete, our transportation
is still waiting. Please pray that we will have the use of a
vehicle (we would love a mini-van) during our time in the
US, as you can see we have lots of travel to do.

If you would like to contribute
financially to the work
God has called us to in Gabon
you may give through:
Grace Church, 7393 Pearl Rd.
Middleburg Heights, OH
44130 and write “Thelander
Ministry” in the memo line or
the National Office at C&MA,
P.O. Box 35000, Colorado
Springs, CO 80935-3500

In God’s
Keir, Joanna,
Luke, & Sarah
S U R G E R Y , S N A K E S , A N D T H E S O N
t | | |

Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

Prayer Requests
• Praise God for Luke’s
and Sarah’s decisions
to follow Jesus
• Pray for safe travel
for Jean-Claude and
family and
Dr. Anatole Nzanzu
• Pray for Dr. Yali’s
transition to Angola
and learning
• Pray for Dr. Yaradouno’s
back home to Guinea
• Pray the hospital
staff’s hearts will be
turned more towards
Christ with a burning
desire to grow and
not just live
• Pray for all the residents
regarding their
July 3rd exam.
• Pray that we can get
our digital X-ray
reader working.
• Praise God that He
has provided someone
to help teach
Luke and Sarah!
• Pray for use of a
vehicle during our
furlough from end
of July to mid-

Updated: July 01, 2010

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