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Prayer Letter/Ministry Update


Renée’s Rainforest Reflections October 2018

Back at Bongolo
I’m back after Home Assignment! There was a lot to catch up on after being away. I arrived without any of my checked bags, but they arrived in Gabon the next day and at Bongolo four days later. The rainy season has blown in full force.

Here are three stories:
Charmene is a two-year-old twin girl who had severe malaria. The nurses called me down to the hospital late at night because her oxygen was low, and it looked like she might die. We gave her a blood transfusion and other treatment, and she was able to leave the hospital today with a good appetite.

A 14 year old boy with HIV came from across the border in Republic of Congo. (As the crow flies we are very close to the border.) Unfortunately, he suddenly stopped coming two years ago. Last week, when he returned, he looked like a famine victim. He hadn't gone to school all last school year because of abdominal pain. His mother didn’t bring him to the hospital because it costs 4,000 francs, about $7 per person each way. I don’t want to imagine suffering for an entire year for lack of so little money. He has restarted treatment, and we have a plan to pay for his transportation. ​

I work with Dr. Christelle, a young doctor from Democratic Republic of Congo, and several weeks ago I taught her the phrase, “Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.” We were seeing a 6th grade girl with end stage kidney disease. We could decrease her blood pressure or the potassium, but those interventions wouldn't make any difference because the renal failure was so advanced the child would die shortly without dialysis. Dr. Christelle, said, “So, she needs Jesus.” We shared with the girl and her dad. The Holy Spirit entered in. We all prayed. The girl’s dad had tears flowing down his cheeks. Now, she will have eternal life with a perfect new body.​

Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

October 2018

Prayer Requests
-Pray for Brigitte a nurse’s aide and wife of Pasteur Michel, one of the hospital Chaplains, who has a badly broken upper arm. She was in an accident Saturday on the way to vote. There was one fatality.
-Pray for a container with donated medicines and supplies in port. There are complications with getting it into the country.
-Pray for the leader of Gabon who is hospitalized in another country. It’s hard to get clear information. There could be instability if he is seriously ill.
-Pray for another long-term primary care doctor. (You can see the Ministry Opportunity Description of this position by clicking on this link.
-Pray for a projects manager who can coordinate Bongolo's construction, and infrastructure projects.



Updated: November 14, 2018

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Gros Bouquet


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