Renee Valach

Prayer Letter/Ministry Update


February 2017

Renee’s Rainforest Reflections

A story from the hospital that’s not finished yet
I got a call in the 4 am hour that an adult patient with TB and diabetes was having chest pain and low blood pressure. It sounded like a heart attack. So I told the nurse to start treatment and went down the hill to see the patient. Here is part of the dialogue towards the end.
Me: Do you pray in a church?
Patient: Yes Muslim.
When things were stabilizing and the chest pain was going away
Me: This is a heart problem, which is more serious than TB, so I asked if you pray in a church, because we Christians believe that if the worst happens, Jesus died to forgive our sins and we will go to heaven with God.
Patient: Yes, it’s just the same in Islam.
Me: Hhm.
This patient is here with his friend Emmanuel who is a really animated teacher in Sunday School in the Bongolo Church.
Emmanuel: I’ve prayed for him before.
Patient: It’s just that I’ve been sick so long and I’ve spent so much money in the hospitals in Libreville.
Me: to point out the difference between Bongolo and Libreville, looking around the room at the nurse, Emmanuel and myself- We’re all here with you in the middle of the night. I’m certain that Jesus is not the same as Islam or I wouldn’t have left the US to come here as a missionary.
He got this look of realization across his face, like the light bulb going off above his head, and was talking with Emmanuel when I left.
So, the patient got to the “Ah ha!” moment that we are helping him in Jesus name as he saw us living it out, and a competent, African brother gets to continue the story. He still has a few more weeks in the hospital to treat his tuberculosis.

Another story
Leticia was hospitalized with advanced AIDS and a problem with her liver. While in the hospital, she was having vision problems, so I asked Dr. Wendy Hofman, our Ophthalmologist, to look for signs of complications of HIV for the eyes. It turned out her eyes were ok, but Dr. Wendy asked if she would like to follow Jesus and have him her sins. She said yes, and despite her treatments, she got to meet Jesus personally about two weeks later.

Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

- The medications for the Eye Clinic were allowed into the country and have arrived. The issue with importing certain generic medicines is still not resolved. Continue to pray for resolution of this issue.
- We had our Strategic Review to plan for the mission for the next 5 years. This went well.

Prayer Requests
- The hospital is very busy. There are so many tuberculosis patients we cannot hospitalize them all, and we have started a waiting list for patients to come back when beds are available. The measles epidemic continues in Pediatrics. Maternity has been so busy that at times women have been on mattresses on the floor after giving birth because there are no more beds available. Not only are there a lot of patients, but there are multiple critically ill patients.
Several members of the missionary team have had respiratory illnesses.
- Continue to pray for the electrical problems at the hospital.
 I’m making plans to return to the US for shoulder surgery followed by 12 weeks of physical therapy.
- Continue to pray for another long-term primary care doctor for Bongolo.

Thank you for praying.



Updated: February 28, 2017

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