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Renée’s Rainforest Reflections June 2018

4 cakes, 240 cupcakes, and some cookies
June has been a big month of celebration and that means cake!

Sunday School Celebrations
The first celebration was for the end of the Sunday school year. We celebrated with 240 cupcakes and Operation Christmas Child gifts. If you’ve packed the shoebox gifts they may have come here! Part two of the end of the Sunday School year occurred the next Sunday when the kids did songs, skits and dances in the main church service.

PAACS Graduation
The next celebration was the graduation of Dr. Alliance Niyukuri from the 5-year PAACS surgical residency program. Dr. Alliance will return to Burundi with his wife Cynthia and their two daughters.

Tuberculosis Celebration
We celebrated the end of 8 months of hospital treatment for a patient with Multidrug Resistant TB. She still has 12 months to go as an outpatient, but the first 8 months with daily injections are real accomplishment. She is our first patient on the long course- 20-month treatment.

One more Celebration
Grace passed her first year of high school. She was in the office for an appointment around her birthday, so we celebrated. She is an orphan I am helping attend school with money donated to my work of account.

Renée’s Rainforest Reflections- May 2018

Health and Hope
Gabon has nine provinces. Currently, we are the only hospital in the three-south/central provinces who can preform a c-section. The women tell me the obstetrics department of the hospital in our provincial capital is an empty building. There is no doctor, no medicines, no equipment. In short no hope. Our Obstetrics ward is overflowing. The situation looks hopeless.

Patients keep coming to Bongolo for health and hope. Right now, many people like these pregnant women are desperate because there is nowhere else to go. We try to meet the medical need whether for a delivery or tuberculosis care and while people are here they find also find hope. 674 people have trusted Jesus so far this year. On Thursday, I spoke with a man with HIV and advanced kidney disease. He had previously trusted Jesus, but had walked away. I can’t provide chronic dialysis for him, but he left the office with hope of forgiveness and eternal life.

The problem of inability to perform c-sections is not something that is unique to here. Lack of access to surgery kills more people than HIV, Malaria, and TB combined. 5 billion people lack access to safe surgery and anesthesia. (Lancet Commission on Global Surgery 2030). Bongolo has programs to train general surgeons, eye surgeons, nurse anesthetists, midwives and nurses. Not only are we providing health care, but General surgeons trained at Bongolo are multiplying hope in Mali, Guinea, and the Democratic Republic of Congo and several other countries.

Happy Patient Story
A baby was born nearly 3 months premature at 2 ½ lbs. and had been in the hospital for 1-½ months when one night he suddenly got very sick. We quickly started antibiotics, IV fluid and helped him breath with a special machine called bCPAP. Despite every thing we had done, he was doing very poorly with low heartbeat and oxygen level. I told his parents we’d done all we could. It’s up to God now. As if on cue his heart rate and oxygen picked up. I’m thankful that he gets to go home soon with his parents. I’m also thankful that generous donors are helping us to get a second infant bCPAP machine this summer.

Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

June 2018
-We received TB meds from the public health system. This means they are finally available for the rest of the country as well. There is still a waiting list to start TB treatment at Bongolo.
-I’m on the way to the US for Home Assignment- July, August and September. I’m writing from the Guest House in Libreville. I feel my responsibilities at the hospital are prepared as well as possible for my absence. For example, I completed 16 pages of TB and HIV statistics for the second quarter of the year before leaving. Pray for the rest of the trip. The car broke down on the way here, but God provided that Paul Davis was driving, and we were right in front of a hardware store selling tools. I have a doctor’s appointment scheduled for an orthopedic problem immediately after my arrival. Pray that I would communicate through the Spirit while in the US. Pray for the hospital while I’m gone.
-The Gabonese National Alliance Church has decided to send a fully trained pastor to the remote church at Etéké. Pastor NDONGO Michel and his wife Claire Marie will be going there soon. They are same ethnicity as the people there so he will preach in the local language.

Prayer Requests
-We’ve been prevented from ordering certain medicines from our principal suppliers. Currently we don’t have any of the most common oral diabetes medicine because of this problem. Other medicines are running low. Pray that the problem would be resolved.
-There are several problems resulting in lack of obstetric care and inability to do c-sections in the 3 south-central provinces, so that maternity at Bongolo is too busy. Pray for resolution of these problems.
-Pray for another primary care doctor.
-Pray for a projects manager who can coordinate all the construction, and infrastructure projects like electricity and water.



Updated: June 30, 2018

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