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June 30, 2017
Dear Partners in Prayer:
This is being written while working with a short term team from the River Valley Alliance from Watertown, Wisconsin. Very fitting that there is a lot of water mentioned in their name and they are here in the middle of our rainy season! This amazing church has spent about 9 months in preparation to come here with lots of meetings to know one another, raise funds for their trip, become familiar with Thailand and our missionaries and plans for their ministry while here. They came with two teams, a total of 11 people – one to help with a new church plant just outside of Bangkok by holding English camps, prayer walking, sharing their lives with the people in this area where so few know the Lord. The other team is with me doing a construction project with one of our churches in Khon Kaen. Formerly a leprosy church with over 100 members, it is located in a very close knit community next to Khon Kaen University. People in the community are afraid to be a part of the church because of the remaining few members who have signs of leprosy. These few members realizing their time here on earth is coming to an end have a vision to reach out to their community through evangelism and community service. Their part is to pray and provide finances for outreach. The part time pastor and weekend ministry Bible students spend time in the community on the weekends. Our team is building a room for children as well as a pastor’s study on the church property. The church prepared the outside structure ahead of time and the team is laying tile and painting. It is looking good! The team returns to the states the end of June.
Thank you for your continued prayers for 14 year old Pun (name means cement) whose mother died last December and father who returned to drinking. He decided not to go to Remember Nhu which has a home for children at risk. Three months ago Pun asked to be baptized! After that his father started coming to church! Pun plays the drums at church but is not yet attending Sunday school or listening to the sermons. The church elder is going to start working with him and a couple of other boys in discipleship. The father ran out of money so is not able to drink as much. He has not been willing to get help to overcome this habit but we are thankful that he is coming to be a part of the fellowship again. He and Pun live together but pretty much have separate lives. Pun takes care of his own cleaning, eating, schooling, etc.
Last month we had a camp for those leading lay leadership groups in their churches in order to encourage them personally and in ministry and give them more skills in the area of coaching. It was a wonderful time getting to know our leaders better and for them to get to know one another.
A new opportunity has opened up for our Lay Leadership Training program – a door has opened for us to share this program with the churches in the neighboring country! We began a couple of months ago by training 2 selected leaders who will oversee the program. They will come to our office throughout the year to learn more of the details. 15 pastors from throughout the country have been selected to be the first group trained in the program. They will be taking a crash course by studying 6 books in just one year. These past 3 months they have been doing the homework for the first book and in July I will lead them through the first book in just 3 days – they will study 10 units, take a mid term and final during that time – it usually takes a minimum of 3 months to do this! The goal is to complete all 6 books by June 2018. By December of this year, these pastors will begin the training in their churches while they themselves continue to study.
For those would like to know ways that you can financially support the work in Thailand information is available in the CMA website – After finding the website press “give” – then go to “Give to International Workers and Special Projects” and type in Debbie Vik. All the options of giving (support/vehicle/work special) will come up there. I want to thank many of you who have faithfully given toward my vehicle account. Presently I have about $7,500 in my vehicle account. It is my hope to raise enough funds to purchase a vehicle when I get back from my home assignment in 2019.

Following this is my next 3 month schedule for you to keep up on my life and pray for me each step of the way – I treasure that. Thank you so much for your faithfulness and love that you share with me in so many ways.

In His service,
Debbie Vik, International Worker in Thailand

Debbie Vik’s Schedule
July – September 2017

July 3-7 – Lay Leadership Training in neighboring country
July 7-8 – Lay Leadership Development Board Meeting in Khon Kaen
July 8-14 – Field Forum in Hua Hin (Thailand and Cambodian Missionaries together)
July 14-31 – Short Term Team from Salem Alliance Church – Surin, Srisaket, Khon Kaen
August 6 – Visit Lay Leadership Group in Korat
August 8 – NE Missionary Fellowship in Udorn
August 13 – Teach Lay Leadership group in Prathai, Korat
August 14 – Visit Lay Leadership group in Korat
August 18-28 – Short Term Team from Great Lakes District – Thep Sathit, Chaiyaphum
August 31-September 3 – Visit Lay Leadership Groups in Srisaket and Surin
September 10 – Preach in Kalasin
September 13 – NE Missionary Prayer Fellowship in Nong Bua Lam Phu
September 16-23 – Take care of Alliance Mission Home while managers take vacation
September 25-29 – Lay Leadership Training in neighboring country

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