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Prayer Letter/Ministry Update


Hello, from the land of the Olympics, Olympians, medal winners, participants, fans and tourists! There was an exit poll as people were leaving Brazil and 80% of those polled, both athletes and tourists from around the world said that they would return to Brazil if given the chance. So much for the hype about the Zika virus and other things. Big networks are like political parties, if they can make the opposition look bad or raise questions on significance and security, they say they are helping people make wise choices, but the truth is that their basic desire is to manipulate people in their direction.

Isn’t it incredibly wonderful to be in relationship with God, who created everything and yet allows us to make choices without being manipulated in His direction? I don’t know about you, but, isn’t is easy to manipulate, even loved ones, to do or think what we want them to do or think? I choose to be controlled by the Spirit of God. There is no self-interest in Him. He is the spirit of Truth, Love, Joy and Peace. If He controls me, He brings Christ glory, and real life to all who are controlled by Him. I couldn’t help but think a little deeper on these things that were in the headlines over the last months.

We are so proud of the country we have worked in over the last 30 years. Yeah, there are still a lot of defects (including manipulation) here, but we have a wonderful job of being ambassadors of the Kingdom of God that gives people the wonderful privilege of being in relationship with the One who created them and leads them to want to share the same message to others. And God’s way is “…I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it!” (Matthew 16:18)

It is so exciting to be part of a National C&MA church in Brazil that is engaged in multiplying God’s church. Many of the churches are reproducing more churches for His glory.

Friends, even though we are involved right now, this is a Brazilian post-missionary movement of men and women who are absolutely serious about being missional in the way they live, to establish God’s Kingdom and not their own. The whole vision, strategy and structure of planting churches was born in the heart and leadership of the C&MA Brazil, and we have the immense privilege of being part of it, not in a traditional role of missionary, but as coaches and mentors. In other words, disciples who make disciples who make disciples, ad infinitum.

So where are we at this point? Established churches 25
Goal by 2020 60
Churches being planted 14
Balance, next 4 years 21

Are all 25 established churches involved? No, but some of the church plants from the last few years are already involved in planting new churches and according to Abisai Nunes, the national church president, we are “on target”.

Do you understand our excitement as to what God has allowed us to be part of?

What can you do as an individual or church? Join us, through becoming a partner in one of these new church plants. We would love to connect you with one of these new church plants. (We have ideas if you’d like to know more!)

Pray- not only for missional living for these churches but for your church to live missionally as well.

Participate- All of us know that as we participate in the lives of others, we become more involved, and our love grows for what is important and especially for what is eternal.

Give- You can continue to support our work and ministry here in Brazil by giving to the Great Commission Fund of the Christian & Missionary Alliance. We are so thankful for your support for the last 30 years and we need that to continue as finish up here in the next 4 years.

In closing, Diane’s dad (86) had an accident while mowing and broke a vertebra. When asked why is he still working so hard, he said, “I’m afraid if I don’t keep active, I’ll die.” While it’s easy to understand why this attitude is important physically, many of don’t realize that in our spiritual lives this is also important for God’s Kingdom.

Co-laborers in Christ,
Len and Diane Warden

Praise and Prayer requests

* Praise the Lord for a good return to Brazil and the adventure of learning a new city- Brasilia.
* Praise the Lord for the excitement of young church planters to live missionally and wanting to reach those outside the church.
* Praise the Lord for new friendships and mentoring relationships that we are developing here.

* For wisdom and discernment as we meet with these pastoral couples. That God would give us His mind and how to minister to each of them.
* For adjustments to living in hotels and the lifestyle that brings with it...eating out, entertaining out, etc.
* Pray for Biza and his family. This Missional Focus is an ambitious project and could take a toll of his family life and church responsibilites.
* Pray for the 14 new church plants. Pray that God will help us as we participate as coaches and mentors to these pastoral couples.



Updated: August 26, 2016

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