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Agustín wanted to get BAPTIZED. He had heard both in Sunday School and in other services that those who follow Jesus, believing in Him, should be baptized. He told his mom and dad. They spoke with us and eventually all three began the prep classes. They completed them and eventually the family of three joined the group for a total of 16 who in faith and been immersed in the waters and resurrected to a newness of life. (Children can lead the way…take them to Sunday School, please.)

We also ventured with a new ministry for couples called COMMITTED TO LOVE! New name, new songs, new and old themes and powerful life-changing experiences. April was our first and September will be our second. 20 couples in each weekend event. 10 couples do all the behind-the-scenes work…and it’s cheaper. PTL. Manolo and his wife came. They are Spaniards living decades in Chile already. He was invited by a brand-new Christian couple from our Chicureo Alliance Church. They met the LORD. He said he saw the LIGHT. Yeap…he encountered the LIGHT of the world. We praise HIM. By the way…they come now to church faithfully.

DISCIPLESHIP is a big effort. Some 12 couples are involved in an effort to grow in their faith. We do personal mentoring this time too. People are just too busy so we have to meet with them when we can. Daniel is an investment banker. He tells me often that the best investment he is making outside his wife and children is the time he meets and studies the WORD. We need more Daniels, to tell you the truth.

We are training LEADERS: for Sunday School and for the administration of our new church. Ruth and her husband have started to come to Chicureo Alliance after months of looking. Both of them represent the caliber of folk we are training: young, sharp, interested in the LORD and his Word & Work. Most importantly, willing to give time and prepare. Oh how we need more Ruth & Cristians.

Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

Please Pray:

August Four Weeks of Leadership Training: SS, ALMA, Elders, etc.

September 4-6 Our new Marriage Encounter for couples – COMMITTED TO LOVE

October 31 The Day of Light – A fun day for families instead of Halloween

November 28 Youth Musical Rally

December 13 Christmas Cantata
(A B Simpson choir from First Alliance in Santiago)



Updated: July 16, 2015

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