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The Alliance has long been about planting multiplying, missionary churches and works in close partnership with C&MA national churches around the world to accomplish this call. Following are some of the more recent numbers to give you an idea of what impact The Alliance is having in a global context.

2014 Countries/Personnel Report


761 workers appointed under International Ministries and CAMA in the United States serve with the C&MA around the world that include:

  • fully/partially GCF-funded U.S. clergy/vocational personnel (in 44 countries)
  • Envision IWs (Board appointed/raise their own support)
  • partially-funded marketplace ministries (mm) workers
  • non GCF-funded workers on special assignment status
  • workers currently on leave of absence
  • foreign supported individuals
  • CAMA personnel fully or partially funded through CAMA, not the GCF


81 countries have C&MA work going on within their borders. In several of these nations, C&MA ministry is being carried out by national workers or C&MA personnel from other countries.

67 of these countries have U.S. GCF- and partially-funded C&MA personnel residing within their borders.

Statistics reflect numbers as of July 1, 2014


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