Rev. Andrew & Helen Sande

Indonesia, 1941-1942

Rev. Andrew & Helen SandeAndrew and Helen Sande went to Indonesia in 1941. They had been serving just a short time in East Kalimantan (Borneo) when World War II was declared.

In January of 1942, a group of European Naval Officers happened upon the Sandes where they were staying and invited them to travel to the Dutch garrison in Long Nawang where they would be safer. The Sandes, with baby David, accepted their invitation. Unfortunately, a Japanese informant travelled with the group. Upon arrival, the Sandes stayed in a house by themselves across the river from the Dutch military post. Soon after, Andrew Sande and Rev. F.C. Johnson of another mission held evangelistic services in a nearby Dyak Christian village.

Due to information supplied by the Japanese informant to his superiors, the Dutch garrison was captured on August 20, 1942, and about seventy people, including missionary Fred Jackson, the Sandes and one-year-old David, were taken prisoner. All were interrogated individually by the Japanese. About six days later, approximately forty men, including Andrew Sande and Fred Jackson, were brutally bayoneted to death. Andrew was forty years old. About a month later, Helen, age forty-one, and one-year-old David, were executed along with other women and children of the garrison.

Out of this tragedy, however, came great blessing, as a remarkable movement of the Spirit of God swept through the Long Nawang area, and many turned their hearts to Christ.

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