A Gangster Transformed


aOne evening when the native brother who was to lead the prayer meeting did not appear, I was asked to lead it. Toward the close, a strange, fierce-looking man came in and stood in the back. He wanted to speak, but I asked him to wait until the meeting was over and then I went to talk to him. He said abruptly: “I am a terrible man. I have just been released from prison. I don’t know why I came in here, but maybe you can help me. I don’t want to go back to my wicked life, but I don’t know how to break away.”

In just a few moments we had him in the inquiry room, and I had never dealt with a man who so drank in the gospel. It was not long before he was on his knees, among the brethren who were with us, and wept his way to Christ. It turned out he had been a gangster, had lived as wild a life as one can imagine, and for a reason which he could not explain had happened to step inside the hall that evening. His heart was struck by the prayers he heard, and the Holy Spirit moved upon him so mightily that the hard, fierce nature broke down. For the first time in many years he cried.

A week later he confessed that he simply could not understand the change that had come over him. Grace had conquered. We arranged for him to live with some splendid brethren in the city of Huancayo, where he at once threw himself into the work of soul winning.

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