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Above: Rev. Stephen Merritt was a good friend of A. B. Simpson and head of a mission that provided 2,000 meals a day to the homeless in New York City. (Photos courtesy of C&MA Archives)

Samuel Morris was a resident of Liberia, where he first found the Lord. Samuel heard of [a missionary’s] arrival and walked miles to see her and talk about Jesus. She was filled with the Holy Spirit and glad to pour out of Him on Samuel. He was determined to know the Comforter Divine.

She said, “If you want to know any more, you must go to Stephen Merritt of New York; he told me all I know of the Holy Ghost.”

“I am going!”

Weary miles Samuel traversed before reaching the ocean. He reached the ship but knew nothing of a vessel or of the sea. His ignorance brought much trouble; but his peace was as a river. He went into the cabin to clean up—and the captain was convicted and converted; the fire ran through the ship, and half or more of the crew were saved.

[When he arrived,] Samuel said: “Stephen Merritt? I am Samuel Morris; I’ve just come from Africa to talk with you about the Holy Ghost.”

“Well, all right; I am going to a prayer meeting. Will you go into the mission [and wait for me]?”

At about 10:30, I hastened over [and] found him on the platform with seventeen men on their faces around him; he had just pointed them to Jesus, and they were rejoicing.

The days that passed were wonderful days. I took him in a coach, as I was going to Harlem to officiate at a funeral. He said, “Stephen Merritt, do you ever pray in a coach?” I answered, “Oh, yes, I frequently have blessed times while riding about.”

He placed his great black hand on mine and turning me around on my knees, said, “We will pray,” and for the first time I knelt in a coach to pray. He asked the Holy Spirit if He would not take out of my heart things and so fill me with Himself that I would never speak or write or preach or talk, only of Him.

Never have I known such a day—we were filled with the Holy Ghost; and He made Samuel the channel by which I became instructed and then endued as never before.

Samuel Morris lived and died in the Holy Ghost after accomplishing his work; and as a Holy Ghost man or woman never dies, so his life walks the earth today and will live as long as I remain and will never die. At his funeral three young men, who had received the Holy Spirit through his instruction, dedicated themselves to the work of God in Africa.

Adapted from The Christian Alliance and Foreign Missionary Weekly, Nov. 23, 1894

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