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Someone occasionally asks us to tell them what a typical day is like for us here in our village. My response is that “typical” may mean the sun rises and travels its course until sunset, but it seems our days always contain twists and turns. Some are expected and others come totally by surprise.

Our days often find us welcoming people into our courtyard who need assistance. About two weeks ago, “A.D.” came from a nearby village. A.D. ekes out a small living from the land, and I had treated him and his family for various ailments. We have told him about Iisa (Jesus), but A.D. prefers to follow the traditions and teachings of the majority religion. He came to me because his wife, in her ninth month of pregnancy, had excessive swelling in her legs and feet. We jumped into my truck and went to her.

Her abdomen was very large, and her legs and feet were swollen and painful. She was having difficulty breathing. After doing a quick exam, we decided that medicines could bring down the swelling. I told them to go to the county hospital because I thought she was carrying twins. Of course, they had no resources for that and wanted to see if the medicine would help. We prayed in Jesus’ name that God would help her.

About five days later, A.D. returned. The medicine was finished, but his wife was still suffering. I sent more medicine and again advised hospitalization. Two days later, at about 1:30 a.m., I was awakened by someone frantically knocking at our back gate, calling, “Mr. Markusa, Mr. Markusa!” There was A.D., panicked. His wife had gone into labor, and they were afraid that she and/or the baby would die. I quickly jumped into my clothes and off we flew to the county hospital.

Upon arrival, we found that she had just delivered a girl, but there was at least one other baby coming. A.D. went to the waiting area because it is not a Fula man’s thing to be in the delivery room. I assisted the midwife and her helper by the light of candles and feeble electrical lights. After about 20 minutes, another healthy girl was born, and we wrapped the babies in pieces of their mother’s skirt. They were beautiful lying face-to-face on the scales.

After blessing them and promising to come back, I took my leave and arrived home just before 3:00 a.m. My wife, Dee, was tickled to discover that I had actually helped with the births.

Later that morning, I loaded the mother and babies into my truck with about 10 other women who had walked to the hospital that morning. My vehicle, full and overflowing with joyous ladies, deposited the family at the gate to their home.

That is a “typical” day in our village! We are praying that A.D.’s family will want to follow this God who answered prayer.

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