An Unwanted Twin


Five months ago a tiny, squirming, squealing bit of humanity, wrapped in a soiled red kerchief, was brought to us—a Mitsogo girl, just one hour old! They said she was one of twins and that the mother died before giving birth to the second child. The birth of twins is regarded by most of the tribes here [in Gabon] as an evil omen; one spirit is divided between two bodies, they think, and so they dispose of one or both of the babies soon after birth. We had heard of the death of this woman, and we sent a Christian Mitsogo to bring the child to us, knowing that otherwise it would be buried with its mother. Even if they sustained the baby’s life, no woman of the tribe would be its foster mother.

The Mitsogo tribe is an especially difficult one to reach. It has a different language from the others in the country and has remained the least civilized and least friendly to the white man. They are still a wild people, clinging tenaciously to all their customs and beliefs. It was with a special thought and prayer for these needy people that we welcomed into our family this little child, just five weeks before the birth of our own little Dorothy Louise. Makita has grown nicely, being partially fed on peanut milk, which is very nourishing. We have been pleased to see how grateful her tribespeople are that we have cared enough for them to take one of their little ones into our home. The little one-eyed, wrinkled old grandmother comes to see the child frequently, always bringing us a gift of eggs or peanuts to show her gratitude. This child has been the means of bringing a number of Mitsosgo within the hearing of the gospel.

In thinking of these little ones we are often reminded of the words of Jesus, and our earnest prayer is that this practical Christian example of caring for the neglected, unlovely, needy and orphaned of this land, regardless of tribal distinction, may be followed by the Christian men and women of Gabon. They, being first-generation Christians, have no other foundation than that being laid day by day according to the Word of God and the lives of those who teach it!

—Mrs. Donald A. Fairley, The Alliance Weekly, March 24, 1945

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