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By Anonymous

On Labor Day weekend, the Alliance family gathered for a “Call to Prayer” hosted by John Stumbo, president of the U.S. C&MA. Participants came from 22 states for two days of prayer, healing and worship, and thousands more joined in online. At the conclusion of the event, John stated, “My body is a little tired, but my heart is really full from the time together.” 

As I participated in our Call to Prayer, an old, familiar hymn kept running through my mind: “There’s a sweet, sweet Spirit in this place and I know that it’s the Spirit of the Lord . . .” From the very beginning of the Call to Prayer, as we were led in confession, praise and thanksgiving and challenged from God’s Word, there was a sweet, sweet Spirit all around us. When we moved to a local Alliance church for our Friday evening and Saturday morning times of prayer, it was no longer just the hundred or so gathered in Colorado Springs; we were joined by countless numbers from sites around the world, including Kosovo, Senegal, Brazil and Paris, as well as Pennsylvania, Florida and New York. To have the worldwide Alliance family praying together at the same time for the same requests enhanced that Spirit that was so present with s. May this Call to Prayer be something that grows with each special time together.

—Dennis Whalen, vice president for Development, U.S. C&MA National Office

Since the day I accepted Jesus, September 6, 1991, I have struggled to believe I was truly a child of our Father. Time and again I asked God to assure me I was His child. When I was growing up my dad worked a lot. This led me to feel as though something was wrong with me, and I was not good enough to be loved by my dad. Sadly, when I became a Christian I projected this belief onto God. Little did I know when I went to the Call to Prayer out of my love for the C&MA and to support Dr. Stumbo that God had a totally different plan. As we prayed God helped me understand my sin of projecting my feelings of inadequacy onto my Heavenly Father. He also helped me understand that I had been His child for the last 22 years and He loved me with agape love. As we sang “10,000 Reasons” I worshiped like I never had before. I felt God’s pleasure as I stood with tears streaming down my face, singing praise to my Father who had healed my heart and assured me that I was and always had truly been His child.

—Carl Ralston, founder of Remember Nhu, a ministry dedicated to preventing child trafficking in Southeast Asia

When Dr. Stumbo issued his Call to Prayer at Council 2013 in Tampa, my heart was deeply stirred. I knew then that this was a key moment in the movement that is the C&MA, and I believed that it would be a turning point both for the Alliance and for my congregation in Rochester, New York. It was logistically impossible for me to make the trip to Colorado, but Trinity hosted the livestream both days and invited other Alliance churches in our city to join us. Our numbers were few, but the prayer times were glorious. Led to worship and to intercede by Dr. Stumbo, we pressed in to hear from God and to lay ourselves before Him. We prayed around the United States and the world, and the time flew by. I tweeted then, and I’ll reiterate it now, I’d love to see the Alliance livestream a prayer meeting every week from a different Alliance church somewhere in the world. We must not let this first step be the last.

—Rev. Denes House, lead pastor, Trinity Alliance Church, Rochester, N.Y.

Good to pray with you all! Just heard the call to prayer here in Kosovo at the mosque . . . Glad to oblige in the name of Jesus Christ!

—An international worker in Kosovo

For more on the Call to Prayer or to watch the archived footage of the event, visit www.cmalliance.org/events/2013/call-to-prayer/

Watch John Stumbo’s latest video blog at www.cmalliance.org/news/author/john-stumbo

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