Childlike Faith

God does hear our prayers


The prayer warriors at Faith Alliance Church (New Bremen, Ohio) have sometimes wondered if their petitions get lost in “heavenly cyberspace.” But the Alt family’s testimony proves that the prayers of God’s people are being answered.

Raising three young girls is quite an experience for anyone; but when their dad is serving his country in Iraq, it poses a different challenge for their mother, Lois. God’s daily presence was especially evident one morning as Lois faced one crisis after another.

Her youngest daughter, Elisa, had a fever the previous evening, presumably from an infected tooth for which she was taking an antibiotic. But before dawn, five-year-old Emily told her mother that something was wrong with Elisa. Lois found Elisa in her bed unable to breath. Lois revived her with some rescue breaths and bathed her to reduce the fever. By 8 a.m. Elisa was able to eat breakfast and later lay down for a nap.

Lois’ brother-in-law, Chris, is a nurse. He had driven to an appointment in a town near to where Lois and her husband, Dean, live. When Chris’ appointment ended, he felt led to drive a little further to see how Lois and the girls were doing. Lois relayed Elisa’s symptoms to Chris. They tried to wake her from her nap, but she was listless and lethargic. Chris told Lois this was definitely not due to an infected tooth and Elisa needed to see a doctor.

In the midst of their conversation, the phone rang. It was the military support group calling to inform Lois that Dean’s unit in Iraq had been attacked. There were casualties, but Dean was not injured. Praise God for those protecting angels that people have prayed for him, but what a nerve-wracking phone call to receive at a time like that!

After the call, Lois took Elisa to the doctor. Elisa was diagnosed with pneumonia, and the doctor wanted to admit her to the hospital. Because Lois was the only parent at home, the doctor elected to give Elisa a shot and release her with the understanding that if she didn’t improve by 7 p.m., Lois was to admit Elisa into the hospital.

As the turmoil came to an end that evening, Lois reflected on all that had happened. She asked Emily how she knew that Elisa needed help. After all, Emily always slept like a rock! The answer was simple, as only a child can explain. “God told me,” she said.

Elisa’s health vastly improved by evening, and a few days later she was scheduled to have her tooth repaired. Miraculously, by the day of her dentist appointment, her tooth had been healed, and she didn’t need further treatment!

Just when we think God must have forgotten about us and we are overwhelmed with circumstances, the simple faith of a child can remind us that there is no such thing as a coincidence in the life of a Christian. God knows our every move and works His plan and protection of us through unseen channels. Precious in God’s ears are the prayers of His people, and He hears each and every one of them.

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