Christ Is Still Our Healer


Man has a two-fold nature. He is both a material and a spiritual being. And both natures have been equally affected by the fall. His body is exposed to disease; his soul is corrupted by sin. We would therefore expect that any complete scheme of redemption would provide for the restoration of his physical as well as the renovation of his spiritual life. Nor are we disappointed. The Redeemer begins His ministry by healing all that had need of healing. He closes it by making on the Cross a full atonement for our sin.

“In My name they shall cast out devils . . . they shall lay hands upon the sick and they shall recover.” Why is [this] not still universally taught and realized? It only disappeared gradually [from the Church] in the growing worldliness, corruption, formalism, and unbelief of the early Christian centuries. With a reviving faith, deepening spiritual life, more marked and scriptural recognition of the Holy Spirit and the Living Christ, this blessed gospel of physical redemption is beginning to be restored to its ancient place, and the Church is slowly learning to reclaim what she never should have lost.

—A. B. Simpson, excerpted from The Gospel of Healing, Christian Alliance Publishing Co., 1890

Fully Restored Because of Jesus

by Brian Lindsay, an Alliance worker serving in Thailand

Mike is the newest believer in the Baan Paeo Church in Thailand. A member witnessed to him in the market and invited him to the Sunday service, where our Bible school intern led Mike through a prayer to receive Christ.

Several years ago, Mike had suffered a stroke in a motorcycle accident when he was in his early 20s. This left him with permanent damage to his left side—partial paralysis, along with loss of sight and hearing.

Three days after Mike’s conversion, he attended our Bible study. I was surprised when he spoke up during the personal testimony time. Most Thai people are shy about sharing until they know how to “do” church—many won’t do so until they’ve been attending for several weeks.

But Mike was too excited to be shy. He announced that the day he accepted Christ, he arrived home from church and realized his sight and hearing were fully restored! As I sat next to Mike during the study and helped him find Scriptures in his new Bible, he told me reading had been quite difficult after his stroke, but now he could read clearly.

Today, Mike continues to grow in Christ and boldly proclaims to anyone who will listen everything Jesus is doing in his life. He also posts Bible verses and shares his faith through social media.

Praise God for His healing touch on Mike! Because of Jesus, “the blind receive sight, the lame walk, those who have leprosy are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the good news is proclaimed to the poor” (Matt. 11:5).

Alive Again 

by Pat Burns, a member of Neighborhood Church in Chico, California

“Though he slay me, yet will I hope in him” (Job 13:15a). What is it like to be mostly dead for eight years, then healed by God and alive again?

In 2006, my wife, Chaunté, and I were living in Susanville, California, where I worked as a registered nurse with psychiatric inmates at a maximum-security prison. All went well for three years, until one night in September 2009 I was attacked by two inmates. My neck was broken, and my spinal cord was crushed in four places—I needed an emergency seven-and-a-half-hour surgery. 

The State retired me medically, and we moved to Chico to be near family and better medical care. In one night we had lost my career, my ability to work, our beautiful home, our friends and colleagues, and my ability to perform daily tasks.

Over the next five years I got progressively worse. I was confined to my bed 85–90 percent of the time in unbelievable chronic pain. Before the injury, Chaunté and I had enjoyed a vigorous outdoor life of hiking, backpacking, cycling, and sailing. I grew weak and was unable to ride in a car for more than 15 minutes at a time, so we had to give up our active lifestyle.

Left: Mike (in striped shirt) at Wednesday night Bible study. Right: “I promised [God] I’d tell anyone who would listen about what He had done for me.”

This was a time of loss, sadness, and trust in God for our physical and financial survival. Chaunté and I continually prayed for God to heal me, and many others prayed with us.

Three more years passed, and on September 2, 2017, I went to bed at midnight. As usual, I had stayed up long after Chaunté went to sleep, attempting to exhaust myself so I could sleep a few hours before the pain woke me up. When I got up in the morning, I realized I had slept for eight uninterrupted hours.

Immediately I knew God had done something amazing—I was alive again! The constant pain was gone, and I had energy. Chaunté and I praised and thanked God for His mercy to us. He subsequently restored everything to us. We now hike, take long walks, spend days sailing, and play with our five grandchildren.

After God healed me, I promised Him I’d tell anyone who would listen about what He had done for me. Dozens of strangers have now heard this story of God’s mercy and power.

Adapted from the blog A Healing Place, the healing ministry of neighborhood (Alliance) Church in Chico, California. The stories of God’s provision through this outreach are often posted here.

New Life for the Refugee

by Shelly Kragt, former Europe/Middle East regional director

Recently, my husband, Jerry, was contacted by a woman in a U.S. Alliance church who works for an online ministry. She was in touch with a young Middle Eastern believer who fled his war-torn country with his wife and ended up in a European country after a long, hard journey.

Ahmad* has been a believer since 2015 and was hoping to find a church in his family’s new city of residence. He and his wife, Hannah*, who is not a believer, live only 30 minutes away from us. During a visit with them, Hannah broke into tears when she found out we were going to her hometown in a few days.

The four of us enjoyed a good day together, connecting them to a church and sharing a meal in their tiny room in the refugee camp. Before we left, we prayed that God would grant them a visa to stay and that He would bless them with a child. They’ve been married for six years and have been unable to conceive.

While we visited their home country, we got them a Bible and met up with Hannah’s brother who gave us some things to bring back to them.

Upon our return home, we visited Ahmad and Hannah to deliver their gifts. They were so excited to see us. The first thing they told us was that Hannah is pregnant. Ahmad is convinced that it was our prayer to Jesus that brought it about. They will now have their longed-for child! Ahmad gave all glory to God, and it is having a significant impact on Hannah.

Ahmad nearly cried when we gave him the Bible. He immediately began reading it to Hannah.

Please pray for Ahmad and Hannah. Their situation is not easy, and Ahmad has trauma from the conflict in their home country. But it’s amazing to see God working in their lives! Pray for a healthy pregnancy, for healing for Ahmad, and for Hannah to come to know Jesus.

*Name changed

No Explanation

by Sara Cain, author of the blog A Healing Place

My husband, Dan, has narrow angle glaucoma and no left peripheral vision out of his left eye. He lost almost 100 percent of his vision in that eye by the time he got an accurate diagnosis. The optic nerve had stopped functioning due to its deterioration from the untreated disease.

Recently, I accompanied Dan to his eye doctor appointment for a general check-up. I didn’t follow him from room to room for all the exams but asked to be brought in when the doctor talked to him about the examination results.

When I entered the room, Dan’s doctor said, “This is the miracle man right here” as he gestured toward Dan.

“Oh, really?”  I replied.

“I don’t have an explanation for this guy,” the doctor said. “For some reason, his optic nerve is functioning again. I know I’m a good doctor and I have the best equipment, but I can’t take credit for this. His optic nerve is working well and except for the extreme left side peripheral vision, he now has 20/50 vision in his left eye and 20/20 in his right eye; the disease is not affecting vision in that eye at all.”

Maybe the doctor didn’t have an explanation for the recovered sight, but we do. We know that God heard our prayers for healing and restored Dan’s sight. While he is still diagnosed with the glaucoma, he has recovered nearly all of his sight and his optic nerve is functioning as it should. Hallelujah! God is good!

Adapted from the blog A Healing Place.

Where Did the Cancer Go?

by an Alliance worker couple serving in Latin America

In February 2018, we asked people to pray for our friend José*, who had been diagnosed with cancer. He was in the hospital undergoing chemotherapy and dialysis. After several weeks, the doctors said the treatments weren’t working—so they sent José home to spend his last days with his family. He was bedridden and required ‘round-the-clock home nursing care.

We continued to pray for a miracle, and José began to improve. He came to our Thanksgiving dinner in a wheelchair, telling everyone it was a miracle that he was still alive. In time, José was walking with a cane and going out with friends. The doctors say they don’t understand where the cancer went.

We have continued to pray for José and share God’s love with him in both verbal and practical ways. We recently went to his 80th birthday party. José is grateful to be alive, and his family is thankful as well. There was much happiness at his party, complete with two cakes and meaningful words from family and friends. He even danced with his wife before blowing out his candles.

José said he didn’t know whether to thank God, his doctors, or his family—but all of them had a part in what he refers to as his “new life.”

*Name changed

2 responses to Christ Is Still Our Healer

  1. Testimony time in church time has disappeared in many churches. I think we should hear more of the work that our Father is doing to heal us, to provide for us. This would be a help to the unsaved at church to ask questions, be astonished enough to come back because of their curiosity in these awesome events. There should be a “spot” at least 2 Sundays.

  2. In 1958, my sister, Norma Dailey Gardner, was serving as a C&MA missionary in Guinea with her husband, Andrew, when she was diagnosed with abdominal cancer, forcing their immediate return to the States. Privately, Andy had been advised that Norma had only three months to live. But before leaving Africa, God gave her the promise in Psalm 118:17, “I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD. The LORD hath chastened me sore: but he hath not given me over unto death.” Her spreading malignancy was positively confirmed in a New York City hospital through X-rays and a complete battery of tests. She was immediately scheduled for surgery. But In preparation for this invasive, lengthy procedure, the startled surgeons could find no evidence of cancer. She had been miraculously healed. Rejoicing, the couple prepared for their soon return to Africa where they served for twenty-four more years.

    Though advised by New York doctors before her planned surgery that Norma would never bear children, after their return to Guinea, God blessed them with three remarkable children. All graduated from Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary, and are now in full-time Christian service. Janet Gardner Weiss served as an Alliance missionary in Cote d’Ivoire for ten years, before marrying Alliance pastor, Rev. James Weiss. They now serve in Leesburg, Florida. Rev. Andrew Gardner, Jr. served for three terms in Guinea, West Africa with his wife and children, but because of the serious illness of one of his children, accepted the position of pastor of Fairlane Alliance Church in Dearborn, Michigan. Steve Gardner is a member of the staff of Crosswinds Wesleyan Church in Canandaigua, New York.

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