Council 1937


The attendance at Council this year was the largest in all the history of The Christian and Missionary Alliance and provides a fitting commentary on the growth of the movement at this, its 50th milestone.

The report of the Credentials Committee revealed the registration of 489 delegates, among whom were numbered 93 foreign missionaries representing nearly every Alliance field. Corresponding delegates numbered 83, and in addition more than 100 visitors were present. . . .

The atmosphere throughout the whole of the Council was remarked time and again by those present. A spirit of expectancy and of revival pervaded the gathering. The business received full attention and was debated at times with earnestness. Matters naturally rose on which opinions differed, but these occasioned no undue warmth of feeling and were carried or rejected in due course. . . .

Sunday brought the meetings to a fine climax. In the morning, at 11:00 o’clock, the Council Sermon was delivered by the president, Rev. H. M. Shuman. The Alliance Tabernacle, on Eighth Avenue, New York City, founded by Dr. Simpson, was crowded to the doors. The spirit of the early days of The Alliance seemed to have returned in all its freshness. . . .

In the afternoon, the usual Missionary Rally was held in the great auditorium of the Centennial Memorial Temple of the Salvation Army, on West Fourteenth Street. This also was completely filled. On the platform were gathered about 80 missionaries; the Preachers’ Chorus, under the direction of Rev. R. R. Brown of Omaha; and the orchestra, conducted by its leader Mr. Lee Olsen. Rev. William Christie, vice president, was in charge.

The feature of the meeting was the large group of foreign workers in the varied costumes of their respective fields. . . .

The morning session of Monday, May 24, completed all business and brought to an end probably the best of the annual Councils. From the chapel, the audience passed to the nearby tomb of Rev. Dr. Simpson, around which they gathered in silence. The president asked Rev. William Christie to express what was in his heart, and in a brief, burning address, he called the workers to renewed consecration to the task which has been passed on to them. Dr. Simpson’s hymn “Be True” was sung, after which the president pronounced the benediction.

—The Alliance Weekly, June 5, 1937

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