Deep Faith, Deep Waters


In 1896, A.B. Simpson’s attention was directed to the Nyack hillside as the future center of his worldwide activities. Close friend and Nyack business manager Levi Keller Brubaker (known as “L. K.”) examined the area map and prospectus, then made a strange choice. Remembering Lot’s mistake of choosing the best land for himself, he set his heart on the most unlikely area: the cliff that rises behind the dormitory building. Then he began to wait on God in prayer for a revelation of the divine will. It came as a dream, and he was suspicious of it. He confided in Simpson, who in his fatherly way bowed his head, saying, “I believe this is from God.”

L. K. Brubaker (left) with A. B. Simpson (right).

There was every reason to hope so, for while the beautiful Hudson River flowed bountifully below, its waters were brackish from the tides of the Atlantic, and water on the hillside was scarce and costly.

In L. K.’s dream, he saw a subterranean lake in that Nyack mountain with sufficient water for every need. He also saw a mining car passing slowly, containing a man with shovel in hand who called to him, “Get it all on before the Lord comes!” The command was clear. He must obey.

Divesting himself of remaining investments, he bought that seemingly worthless bluff of rocks. He would obey God and drill a well. The sinking started January 20, 1899.

Then came the trial of faith. At 275 feet, the drill stuck fast in the rock. A new contract was drawn at an increased price, but daily the report read, “Dry hold.” At 500 feet, the machinery could reach no farther, leading to another increased cost. At 864 feet, the work ceased. Both workers and funds were exhausted. L. K. still believed God but for the time being had to plug and seal the well. And through the days of waiting, a quiet voice continued to whisper, “Deeper yet.”

L. K. struggled to understand all the delays. He finally decided it was because he had not fully comprehended what the man in his dream meant when he said, “Get it all on.” As business manager of the Institute he had accepted a salary. Believing God intended that he should look solely to Him for support, he crossed his name off the payroll book. That required real faith.

But faith triumphed. L. K. offered his Isaac, and the water began to flow—enough water to supply the needs of not only the Institute but all the homes on the hillside as well. God brought abundance the moment L. K. fully surrendered to the inner voice. Of this experience L. K. said, “Here my whole life changed. Instead of falling short of money for my personal needs, I now had plenty. But more wonderful, my needs were diminished. My spirit is peaceful and restful. At long last I feel that the Lord I love is truly my Master, and I am His servant.”

—Adapted from Southeastern District Report, July-August 1974

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