There’s a place for you in short-term missions


Envision a multitude of young adults and teenagers who desire to serve the Lord on a global scale.
Envision hundreds of youth and college students joining and assisting Alliance international workers in more than 80 countries around the world. Envision a group whose lifestyle is characterized by part-time jobs, college loans and big dreams. Envision that these are the people God is calling to be His hands and His feet to a world needing His love. This is the ENvision Culture.

ENvision is the Short-Term Missions Office of The Christian and Missionary Alliance. Our goal is to equip all who want to join God in what He is doing around the world, specifically through matching them with our ENvision sites and Alliance international workers who need short-term help. We focus on youth and young adults because God often blesses them with the flexibility and willingness to schedule mission trips. However, God calls people from all stages of life and from many careers to partake in missions; ENvision has a place for every follower of Jesus.

ENvision trips range in length from one week to one year. Once you decide to join a short-term team, you can find a site on nearly every continent that resonates with your God-given skills and passions. You can participate in what God is doing in orphanages in Gabon, garbage dumps in Peru, college dorms in Cambodia, prisons in Ecuador, coffee houses in Taiwan and churches worldwide. You can distribute food to the hungry in Burkina Faso, teach English in Asia or teach Bible stories to children on the streets of Mexico. You can build houses in South America, lead English camps in Cambodia, work with AIDS patients in Africa, play soccer in El Salvador, plant churches in Taiwan and assist at the Bongolo Hospital in Gabon. This list of ministry opportunities is constantly expanding.

The work is draining. The days are long. The beds are hard. The language barrier is frustrating. However, the impact on God’s Kingdom is great, and the work He does in your life is immeasurable.

I have been on multiple C&MA missions trips, and through them, God has focused my life, my time, my heart and my future on Him. God has used missions trips to substitute my view of people with His view of them. My worries and struggles were given up in exchange for God’s burden for the lost. The things I coveted seemed ridiculous once I saw the things that God values. My dreams and fears for the future faded as I trusted God with my life and asked for His will to become mine.

ENvision short-term missions trips have a long-term effect because all of our sites and ministries are closely connected with churches and believers who are fully invested in God’s Kingdom. We as the C&MA build a house for a family and then continue to share the love of God with them. We run a vacation Bible school for a village and then regularly interact with those kids. We pass out food and then sit with those people and pray for them. The Alliance is a church-planting ministry because we are confident that Jesus’ model of discipleship and witnessing is done through the Church.

In addition to our international sites, ENvision also works in the United States. We currently have opportunities in Philadelphia and Chicago for short-term work with soup kitchens, food banks and other urban ministries. Also, we conduct a coaching weekend to train leaders to prepare their teams for cross-cultural ministry. We also require missions trip participants to attend a week of training in Mexico, where we teach them about culture shock, discipleship and serving. More importantly, we pour God’s Word into them through Spirit-filled speakers and worship, holistically preparing them to be sent out.

ENvision is a new kind of mission trip. It’s not about building projects; it’s about building relationships—through service, education, medicine and culture. God wants to use you to change the world. ENvision will help you get started.

For more information, visit www.envision-culture.com.
E-mail: envision@cmalliance.org
Phone: 719-265-2048

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