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Three unique majors at Toccoa Falls College


Toccoa Falls College (TFC) has more than 30 undergraduate majors across a wide variety of fields. Each major is a gateway into experiencing a quality education with a solid biblical foundation, participating in exciting learning activities, and building relationships that will last a lifetime. Each year students discover calls from God for career service while studying at TFC.

Three of our more unique majors are Sustainable Community Development, Counseling Psychology, and Outdoor Leadership Education.

Sustainable Community Development

In 2016, universities try to prepare students to face unprecedented challenges. World population growth is unequalled in human history. This situation makes cultural diversity a daily reality and elevates intercultural competence to a top-five professional skill.

College graduates must relate well to people from diverse cultures, commit themselves to finding long-term solutions to local and global problems, work well in diverse teams, and have experience in responding to disasters. In response to these realities, TFC has developed a major and minor in Sustainable Community Development (SCD).

This major is an interdisciplinary degree that integrates biblical principles with sustainable economic and environmental practices. SCD students learn practical skills required in relief, rehabilitation, and development. The Global Ministries Department is committed to the training of SCD workers who desire for people to know Jesus Christ and become His disciples while at the same time pray and yearn for people to have a sustainable lifestyle that meets their physical needs.

At the campus farm, theory becomes practice as students compost, amend soil, select seeds, raise plants, protect animals, care for newborn animals, install fences, repair buildings, construct hoop houses, and gain hands-on experience in multiple aspects of farm work and food production through applied technology courses.

Escape the OrdinarySCD students reduce their consumption, reuse personal goods, and recycle materials as ways to live out their commitment to responsibly conserve resources for future generations. Individual responsibility is the first step in local action as students “think globally and act locally.” Students are directly involved with community development through service and outreach projects and internships.

The SCD major reflects our deep commitment to expand the Kingdom of God through increased intercultural competency. It is through this major that students learn ways to practice sustainable lifestyles, plan sustainable development with community leaders, and establish locally appropriate communities of faith among all people, including unreached people groups.

Counselling Psychology

The Counseling Psychology major at TFC combines the theory of psychology and the skills of counseling. The curriculum serves those whose goal is the baccalaureate degree as well as those who need an academic foundation for graduate education.

Dedicated video rooms allow students and instructors to analyze recordings of mock counseling sessions. Such hands-on experience in the discipline is unique at the undergraduate level and culminates in a supervised senior internship working in a health-related professional environment.

Our faculty members, specializing in different counseling disciplines and representing more than 100 years of experience in a variety of settings, are committed to educating students in the behavioral sciences within a Christian worldview. They combine knowledge of the Bible and an understanding of human personality in coursework so students are prepared academically, intellectually, and professionally.

Incorporating one’s faith into the workplace is a challenge for all Christians, so our professors encourage students to seek emotional wholeness and spiritual maturity, recognizing that healthy persons make better counselors. This high level of proficiency in counseling skills enables students to discern God’s calling in the field prior to pursuing formal licensure.

A degree in Counseling Psychology from TFC fully prepares students to serve within the community, the church, and the family through the ministry of counseling.

“I could not have accomplished what I have and will continue to without the foundation I received while at TFC,” says Alex Whitmire (’12). “From the challenging spiritual development, the interpersonal relationship with professors, the depth of educational experience, and the personal relationships I developed, my life was enhanced.”

Outdoor Leadership Education

“Location, location, location” denotes how setting can increase the value of an experience. At TFC, we believe our location enhances our bachelor degree in Outdoor Leadership Education (OLE). Our outstanding OLE faculty members teach and mentor students as they daily explore the mountains and foothills of Northeast Georgia.

Our 1,100-acre campus boasts of hills, streams, waterfalls, rock outcroppings, mountain laurel groves, and beautiful flora and fauna. Mount Yonah and Currahee Mountain offer splendid rock climbing. The Chattooga and Nantahala Rivers present great whitewater opportunities. And backpacking trails are numerous with the Appalachian Trail and the Bartram Trail nearby.

The college has an active Outdoor Club for all students, regularly taking advantage of these diverse and challenging recreational opportunities.

Our distinctively Christian approach to education encourages students to develop godly character as they pursue a degree. OLE courses lead students to reflect deeply on the transformative learning facilitated through outdoor education and on their own limits, dependency, and trust.

“The Outdoor Leadership program has made such a huge difference in my education,” says Jonny Milano, an OLE student. “Not only has it prepared me to guide others in godly leadership in the outdoors but also in my daily life. There isn’t a day that I am not applying some skill in my life, whether it is team building, rock climbing, or everyday work. Every aspect of who I am is being molded through the OLE program.”

Lifelong friendships develop as students depend on each other during rafting, rappelling, rock climbing, caving, and hiking adventures. The OLE degree combines adventure, wilderness, camping, and environmental education into one unique program of study to prepare the student in becoming a professional and returning these same experiences to others.

Our academic location stimulates the integration of faith and learning via multiple experiences. Appreciating creation and stewardship permeate the college faculty. Professors challenge students to create culture in a humanities class, to live sustainably in an anthropology class, to understand and reflect God’s love for creation in a theology class, and to see growing environmental threats in an ecology class. They then integrate all of these concepts into a biblical worldview through discussions during and outside of class.

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