Filling the Gap


Evident in our Alliance vision to live as a Christ-centered Acts 1:8 family is our commitment to developing people—making disciples who make disciples in every corner of the world. This requires a church that cares about the deeper life, intimacy with Jesus, our shared mission, and the development of soul, calling, and skill.

Perhaps no greater example of developing people is the story of Moses and Joshua. Moses developed as a leader who was at first intimidated to speak a word—yet he later led an entire community out of bondage. Through his journey, Moses empowered leadership in the development of elders to take on key roles and help “share the burden of the people with him” (Num. 11:17). He then passed the mantle of leadership to Joshua, a consecrated leader who was challenged to develop strength and courage to lead the community into their inheritance in the promised land.
But then we hit a huge developmental gap in the story. After the passing of Joshua and a whole generation who saw God’s promises fulfilled and served Him throughout their lifetime, “another generation grew up who knew neither the Lord nor what He had done for Israel . . . they forsook the Lord” (Judg. 2:10, 12). What happened?!

Some 3,000 years later, we are also at risk of a developmental gap—as millennials, who began leaving the church about 20 years ago, are raising Generation Z with little to no exposure to Jesus or the Church. Filling this gap is one of Envision’s primary motivations: to identify and develop missional leaders who are equipped with the skill, spiritual formation, and biblical foundation for success on mission. We see our short-term opportunities not merely as life-changing experiences but as an on-ramp to future leaders’ developmental journeys. The ongoing development of people is what will yield new workers for the harvest who are steady on mission, meeting Jesus in tangible ways and motivated to develop others for the Kingdom.

The consequences of the developmental gap in Judges must cause us to pause and stir in us an urgency for developing people to play a part in our Acts 1:8 family to be engaged on mission in the world. YOU are the on-ramp for those in your sphere of influence.

What is at stake? That those coming behind us may not know what the Lord has done in the past and could turn away from Him! May this not be true of the next generation. May the impact of our Alliance family, within our ever-unfolding story, uphold a value to develop people—for the sake of the gospel, for Jesus, and for the Kingdom.

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