Flying High

A Crown College online graduate program success story


“I’ve never been to Minnesota. I’ve never even set foot on the Crown College campus.” Yet Micah Redfield graduated in 2015 with a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership from Crown College, made possible by Crown’s online graduate programs. “I was deployed four different times after starting the master’s program; an online degree was a necessity for me.”

Micah Redfield
Today Micah serves as a pilot in the U.S. Air Force stationed in Geilenkirchen, Germany. Since first grade, he dreamed of becoming an air pilot. After graduation from high school, Micah attended the Air Force Academy in Colorado. During his sophomore year at the academy, Micah’s faith solidified as a result of the pressures and degree of training.

“God used the intensity of the Air Force Academy to bring me to a place where Jesus became the Lord of my life, not only the Savior of my life.”

Real-life Application

Micah completed flight training in Texas and then landed in Omaha, Nebraska’s Offutt Air Force Base. He and his wife, Julia, began attending Christ Community Church (CCC) in Omaha. At that time, Micah met Pastor Gavin Johnson. The two chatted about Micah continuing his education, as obtaining a postgraduate degree was sort of a “quasi-requirement” for officers in the Air Force.

Gavin suggested Crown’s online graduate program. Micah researched his options. “I needed something that would allow a combination of real-life application on a day-to-day basis along with a Christian foundation.”

Micah could have never imagined how much his studies at Crown would intersect with real life. CCC launched City Light Church (CLC) in which Micah and Julia led a City Group.

“I was attending Crown during this church-planting process. What I was reading in my textbook directly applied to leading a City Group. What I learned from that experience applied to what I was doing within the Air Force. I could see my education was making a difference in what I was experiencing in my regular life.”

Dream Come True

Micah continues his work as an Air Force pilot on a three-year assignment, still using what he learned at Crown. Essentially, Micah works to command Airborne Warning and Control Systems (AWACS) aircraft. Similar to a ground-based air traffic controller, Micah detects aircraft, ships, and vehicles at long ranges while in the air.

In looking back over his education at Crown, Micah credits the professors for working to form a community among the students, even within an online environment. “I learned so much about other students, which I didn’t expect online.” He also praises the pastors at CLC for allowing him to research the process of church planting and to apply his knowledge in real life.

“It was through the experience of the church plant that I learned so much about myself and my leadership skills,” Micah says. “I’m very grateful to God for allowing me to do what I’ve always wanted to do . . . be a pilot.”

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