When I was 10, I started collecting coins. Within a few years, I amassed dozens of rolls of silver dimes, quarters, half dollars and dollars. But my real fascination was with pennies—large cents, Indian heads and rare, wheat-backed Lincoln cents. So to broaden my collection of uncommon copper, I sold all of my silver, which, at the time, was worth about double its face value. A year later, silver skyrocketed to 20 dollars on the dollar, and rare pennies pretty much stayed where they were. My preoccupation with copper blinded me to the rising value of silver. I missed out on a small fortune—and my future as a financial forecaster was laid to rest.

Forecasting is a dicey game. Several times this past winter, we Coloradans were warned to brace for an overnight blizzard only to awaken to bare roads and disappointed kids. Our local meteorologists suffered the same low credibility ratings as the boy who cried wolf.

It may seem equally difficult to forecast where the wind of God will blow next. Our Creator reserves the right of divine sovereignty. But at the same time, He is eager to reveal Himself and involve us in His work. It would then stand to reason that His will may not be as elusive as we sometimes make it out to be. There are spiritual barometers that can be measured and spiritual patterns that can be observed.

In this issue you’ll read about an Alliance college that forecasted the need for a new generation of urban church and marketplace leaders and responded by reestablishing a long-term Alliance presence in New York City. You’ll glimpse a congregation in Alaska that considered the escalating number of military personnel in its community and determined to fold them into its family. You’ll hear from a noted evangelical leader who challenges the Church to take hold of the Lamb’s agenda and respond with both righteousness and justice if Christians desire to heal our hurting nation.

Our copper plans often distract us from God’s silver purposes. As we resolve to join Him in His work, let’s continue to track His revealed patterns to better forecast His movements and meet Him there.

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