Forget Not All His Benefits


met Danielle at the Warren (Pennsylvania) C&MA Church when she was 24. We had both been attending for several years prior to getting to know each other. At Vacation Bible School that year in June, she was in the nursery caring for the little ones. I stuck my head in the door, intending to ask how she was doing. Instead I was led to ask, “Danielle, how is your health?” Because I was so direct, she gave an honest answer, telling me that she had been having stomach problems for more than a month and was vomiting blood three to five times a day. The illness also interfered with her ability to eat.

Later, I invited Danielle to our home so my wife, Cay, and I could minister to her. She came the following Wednesday, and I shared with her about God’s will concerning healing.

Eventually we learned that Danielle suffered from a number of infirmities, including severe asthma and a disorder that had weakened her voluntary and involuntary muscles. She was on 75 pills a day, including steroids.

In addition, the spinal nerves responsible for bladder function had died, necessitating an implant to stimulate it. The doctor had told Danielle that once the nerves going from the spine to the bladder die, they never regenerate.

Over 11 years Danielle had seen more than 50 specialists; for the last two years she had an average of three doctor appointments per week. She’d also had three surgeries on her right wrist as a result of reinjuring it.

The night we ministered to Danielle, Cay was led to pray for her wrist, which was still swollen, stiff, and in a great deal of pain. Her third surgery on it had been just a week ago. I also gave Danielle a copy of A. B. Simpson’s book The Gospel of Healing.

She read it all the way through that night. When she went to bed, there was no change in her wrist—but when she awoke, the pain, swelling, and stiffness were completely gone. That morning Danielle had a follow-up appointment, during which the surgeon said he considered the change in her wrist a miracle.

Progressive healing

A month later Danielle was required to have another follow-up visit with the same surgeon. “That’s impossible!” he kept saying. Her wrist had 30 percent more range of movement than normal and was twice as strong as her “good” wrist—and the surgeon could find no scar tissue from any of the three surgeries.

Danielle was greatly encouraged. She reread The Gospel of Healing in its entirety that night and again on the following night. She became convinced of God’s will to heal and started calling upon the Lord for her stomach problem. “Lord, I know you can heal me; heal me!” She prayed continually until about two in the morning, when she heard what sounded like an audible voice say, “Stop praying; start praising.” She turned to see who had spoken those words and realized she had heard from God. In obedience, she started praising Him for healing her; the next morning she awoke with no stomach pain. No throwing up blood. No problems eating.

The following Sunday at church, Danielle shared her testimony of these two healings, which in itself was amazing because she was quite shy. After church Cay and I were talking with her, and she mentioned that she had asthma too. Inhaling a speck of dust or pollen would put her in the hospital with pneumonia or bronchitis. Her lungs were hardening quickly from the scar tissue that had developed from those incidents and were functioning at about 40-percent capacity. Danielle required 4 nebulizer and 49 inhaler treatments daily, CPAP nightly, and additional pills and inhaler treatments when necessary; her physician anticipated a double lung transplant within the next five years.

Danielle with her husband, Raquel, and their children. Photo by Rev. Steve Heath

We offered to minister to her again, and she came over Monday evening. I asked if she believed it is God’s will to heal her. Smiling broadly, she replied with a confident “yes.” I assured Danielle that Cay and I believed that too, then anointed her with oil and prayed for her to be healed from the top of her head to the soles of her feet . . . to be made completely whole. It honestly seemed more like a praise than a prayer. After our time of intercession, I felt compelled to share a 30-minute video teaching on the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

“What did you think?” I asked Danielle when it ended. I was talking about the teaching, but she replied, “The whole time he was talking, I felt warmth in my chest. The pain is gone, and I can breathe.” Then she told us about all the medications she was on and asked what to do about them. I told her to listen to the Lord and do what He says.

That night she called upon Him, and He told her to drop two of the main steroids she was on. She did so and felt better than she had in a long time. By the end of the week she was off all medications! Prior to receiving healing, she would have to stop and rest after climbing just four steps. Now she could out-walk her 11-year old sister and my wife. In addition, all Danielle’s allergies were gone.

A restored life

Sometime later, Danielle’s place of work required her to have a medical appointment at the hospital. The nurse asked about her medications and became quite upset after Danielle said she had gone off them. When the doctor talked with her about her decision to discontinue them, she told him, “The Lord healed me.” Also a Christian, the doctor asked if Danielle would let him run some tests—no charge. She agreed. When he returned  with the results, he said, “Danielle, if I didn’t know better, I would say you haven’t been sick a day in your life.” He went on to say that a normal person has 90–95 percent lung capacity; a professional athlete has 95–98 percent; but Danielle now had 100 percent lung capacity!

During the year and a half after we prayed for Danielle, the Lord kept telling her to turn down the implant that stimulated her bladder. She’d had it at 100 percent when we first prayed for her. After a year and a half, she shut it off completely. Since then, it has been determined that multiple nerves have miraculously grown from the spine to her bladder.

The winter after we prayed, Danielle was driving and slid into a ditch during snowy weather. When she went to the hospital to get checked for possible internal injuries, she was examined by the same ER doctor who had seen her several times before.

After comparing her x-rays to previous ones taken, the doctor asked, “Danielle, did you know you had scoliosis?” He thought her other specialists would have mentioned this, but they hadn’t. “You don’t anymore,” he added. The current x-rays showed that Danielle’s spine was now normal.

It took a while to notice that some of the infirmities Danielle had suffered were healed. This is because the other ailments had been so dominant.

In Danielle’s former condition, her expectation was a short life, with no hope of marriage and family . . . or of going on a short-term missions trip, for which she had been saving since she was 11. She has since gone to the Dominican Republic several times; and today, Danielle is married and has two children.

Praise the Lord, my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name. Praise the Lord, my soul, and forget not all his benefits—who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion, who satisfies your desires with good things. . . (Psalm103:1–5).

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  1. Thank you for sharing your miracles. I wish that all believers would do that. To God be the Glory. Amen and Amen. Praise the name of Jesus

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