Giving Up The Bottle

But these spirits weren’t for drinking


God has been doing amazing things in the Ouaga 2000 neighborhood of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, where we are planting a church. Souls are added to the Kingdom on a regular basis, and people are being delivered from the power of sorcery.

Gildas, a young Congolese man, visited the church for the first time in August. A musician and an actor, he came to Burkina with a band two years ago looking for work. He is an accomplished drummer, and with Gildas playing the djembe for our Sunday morning services, our worship is livelier than ever.

When my husband, Steve, announced that we would be holding our first baptism service in September, Gildas immediately signed up and began attending the classes. The Sunday before the baptism, he arrived very early for the service so we sat down with him to talk. When we asked how he had met the Lord, Gildas told us that he had never asked Christ into his life but that he was ready! The three of us bowed our heads as Gildas asked forgiveness for his sins and invited Jesus to be his Lord and Savior. As Steve prayed that Gildas be filled with the Holy Spirit, our new brother began sneezing, coughing and making strange noises. We knew that unclean spirits were leaving him as the Holy Spirit came into his life.

At the end of the prayer, Gildas said, “I need to confess something.” The presence of the Holy Spirit in his life brought immediate conviction of sin! Gildas told us that when he first came to Burkina, he was told to go to a powerful witchdoctor who could help him to have a successful musical career. Gildas was given a bottle of liquid that he was to smear on his face before each performance while reciting a specific incantation. He knew that in taking this bottle and using it, he had made a pact with the devil. He was extremely distressed by what he had done.

We told Gildas to come back the next day with the bottle, and we would be his witnesses in breaking the pact he had made with the enemy and renouncing the effects of this sin. It was with great joy that Gildas poured the liquid onto the ground in our front yard and threw away the bottle! He prayed a beautiful prayer renouncing the sins of his ancestors, repenting for serving the devil and asking Christ to be his Master. We told him that from that day on, it would be God who would give him success in his work, and we prayed a blessing to that effect.

The day of Gildas’ baptism he received a phone message telling him that he had landed a major part in a film that is being produced in Ouagadougou. The following week he received another call from an international percussion group he had auditioned for—they wanted him to join. He was ecstatic and affirmed that these were signs his success now comes from God! Gildas has been transformed by the power of the Living Christ—his face glows, and he is filled with incredible joy. Praise God!

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