God Was There

A daughter comes home


People have asked me, “Why do you believe in Jesus Christ?” I smile and answer with all my heart, “Because He changed my life forever!”

In September 1995 God looked down upon the earth and smiled. He had something special planned for a little girl in an orphanage in Luhovitzy, Russia. She was hoping that someday, somebody would love her enough to adopt her. At that same time, He gave Natalia Serikova in Moscow a desire to learn English. She listened to that little voice and did so.

At the same time, on the other side of the world, a couple was pursuing an adoption for some children. God carefully closed every door for them to adopt children in America. He was going to see to it that this little girl in Russia (and her two brothers) would be adopted by this Christian couple.

Nothing Is Impossible

I am the little girl who had been put in a small orphanage with 30 other children because I had been physically and sexually abused. But God was there.

My mother was a milkmaid on a dairy farm, and on the side she did prostitution. She did not provide any of my basic needs. I have scars on my forehead and on the back of my head from being thrown against a hot radiator and television by a drunken man. I was left in a corner either to heal or to slip out of this world. Nobody would have known I had ever lived. But God was there.

Each time I was close to slipping away, God sent somebody to help me. Once it was my brother, and another time it was my grandparents. I am sure God sent others whom I will not know until I am in heaven.

In 1997, my brothers and I were still available for adoption, but nobody in Russia could afford to adopt three kids. I was six years old. Natalia Serikova had learned to speak English. She faxed a message to the couple in America, telling them about us. My parents-to-be agreed to adopt us sight unseen, believing the Lord knew what He was doing. God was their agency.

Many said an independent adoption was impossible. But my parents believed: “For with God nothing shall be impossible” (Luke 1:37, KJV). Well, guess what?? Our new parents took us home March 31, 1997.

As I walked into my new home, I was in shock that this had really happened. I was finally adopted into a family that really loved me. Wow! Incredible! I couldn’t believe that my dream had come true. It became true only because God was there.

Life Is Good

There was just one more thing that needed to be done. My parents started to talk to me about Jesus and how He loved us so much that He died on the cross to save us. I was intrigued by that story. I could not imagine somebody loving me so much that He would die for me. I wanted to know more and more about the Bible. Then one day, February 13, 2002, I gave my life to Jesus. I felt so free and happy. I grow closer to Him every day.

My life is good. I have Jesus as my personal Savior, a loving Christian family to belong to and the best church in the world to go to—Pelham Road Alliance Church.

Since I am homeschooled, we get to talk freely about Jesus during class and it is so much fun. Studying the Bible is no problem at all. My dad is a PK (pastor’s kid) and loves studying the Bible. He teaches us what he studies.

Trust Jesus

Since I became a Christian, I have learned to turn to God no matter what. It has been nine years since I first met my parents. With God’s help, I have met the challenges of learning a second language and of adapting to a new culture. Everybody goes through hard times. It can be challenging, but we need to learn to lean on Jesus and trust Him more. I am proof that Jesus can be trusted.

Another thing I am still working on is having peace about what has happened to me in the past. Praying and trusting God have helped so much. I love little children, and someday, I would like to help unfortunate children to have peace in their lives and show them love. I know it would mean a lot to them because it meant so much to me. Everybody needs God in his or her life, and if they don’t have Him, life just isn’t the same.

This is not the end of my story. God has an awesome plan, and I am living His plan more each day. I am joyfully following God for whatever bright future He has for me.

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