God’s Beloved


I recently watched a movie about the conflict-diamond trade in Africa. The movie follows the story of a man taken from his family and forced to work in the diamond fields. His son also is taken by the rebel army and forced to work as a child soldier.

After he gains his freedom, the man sets off on a journey to rescue his son and reunite his family. Along the way, his traveling companion tries to dissuade him from finding his son by telling him that the boy cannot be saved. But the man loves his son fiercely and will not be daunted in his quest.

When the man finally finds his son, the boy does not recognize him. As a child soldier, he has been brainwashed by his commanders, who gave him drugs and forced him to murder his countrymen. So strong is the enemy’s hold on him that the boy aims a gun at his own father’s heart.

Despite the danger the man looks his son in the eye, puts his hands on his shoulders and reminds him who he is—that he is a boy who loves soccer and school, dreams of becoming a doctor and has a mother and sister who love him. With tears in his eyes, the father shakes him and tells him that he is his beloved son whom he has come to rescue. The child’s eyes well up with tears, and he embraces his father as he suddenly remembers who he is.

What a great analogy this is to our Christian lives. With enthusiasm, we make a commitment to live for Jesus and set out on our individual journeys. Somewhere along the way we encounter the enemy of our souls, who seeks to steal, kill and destroy. He knows where each of us is vulnerable and attacks us there. If he can get us to forget who we are, we also will forget that we have a Father who loves us fiercely and is fighting for us.

We begin to think we have been left to fight the battle on our own. The result? Self reliance, discouragement and ultimately defeat. Darkness sets in. Not only have we forgotten who we are, but we have forgotten whose we are—God’s beloved.

Our Father God has to take us by the shoulders, look deep into our eyes and remind us who we are. How comforting to know that no matter how far we stray, our Father God will never give up on us. His efforts to remind us that we are His precious children, whom He has plans for and fights for, will never cease. If you are in a season of doubt, let God remind you who you are.

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