How Have We Been Doing?


Since 2015, the Alliance family has given around $90 million to build the Church where it does not yet exist. More than 700 international workers (IWs) have never missed a paycheck; the National Office owes no debts.

“Great job!” President John Stumbo exclaimed during part two of the President’s Report. “You are to be commended.”

And yet, “did we get to fund everything we wanted?” John asked. The answer is no. More of the world’s least-reached people groups, within proximity of existing IWs, still do not have gospel access.

International Ministries Vice President Tim Crouch said in an interview with John, “In East Asia we have a lot of teams with a lot of focus, and yet big groups like the Amdo Tibetans are right in some of the same cities where we have people working, but we don’t have people to really make that happen in a way it needs to happen.

“Right below our own border, in Mexico, there are still indigenous peoples within the fabric of that society who really don’t have access. Everywhere we look where we’re at work, there’s somebody right next door.”

While total church income has risen among Alliance churches over the past decade, Great Commission Fund (GCF) giving as a percentage of that income has declined. “We’ve got some work to do,” John said. “Pastors, would you give your people an opportunity to give?”

The task must also include sharpening the use of GCF dollars. “We need to come to a place where we have a higher percentage going to Church Ministries and International Ministries,” John said. The goal is to move from 79 percent to 85 percent by ensuring revenues grow faster than the rate of inflation and slowing down expenses in the Operations/Finance, Executive, and Development areas of ministry.

“I know I’ve done a money talk here,” John said in closing. “I stand before you without apology and give this talk because (a) we’re being good stewards and (b) this is how the stories [of redemption] are supported. We long for more because there are still more places waiting to be reached.”

In reflecting on how much of the world’s wealth is wasted on frivolous pursuits, John reminded the Alliance family, “There is a great bonfire coming on this planet when everything that is used for human purposes will go up in flames . . . We are rescuers of resources from the great bonfire to come.”

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