How I Became a Christian


Shortly after the war of resistance began in China, I left my beloved native community [of Shuangkou] to drift here and there. I tried my luck in the student army[, where] I was on the front of the battlefield, within the sound of guns, and where villages and towns were depopulated.

It was then that I met Mr. Loh, an English teacher at our school. He was a good and faithful Christian. . . . He gave me a Bible in which I found what I wanted. I have never found any book which has influenced me half as much as this Holy Bible. Only by reading it did I have a sincere heart to accept what Mr. Loh said. I never knew what the price of love was before I read the Bible. Indeed, love is the unending music of the soul.

The Bible actually endows us with sublime and sacred thoughts. It is far more vivid and enchanting than any other book of the world. I walk in my spirit in the glory of heaven. The Holy Bible is sweeter to my soul than all the tarts and cakes to my taste. I realized that I was a weak lamb, fastened by sin, but God has set me free.

Since I know God’s truth, I have abandoned worldly things. I understand that to aspire to the fame of this earth is vain. Never let the world’s applause drown the wrath of God. This is also why I became a Christian and hope to remain one through all future time.

I have but one lamp by which my feelings are guided and that is the lamp of the Holy Spirit. We ought to trust our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank God for His unspeakable gifts.

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