“I’ve Found the Light”


Last March, Pastors Solomon and Francois and their evangelism team held an open air campaign in Pastor Solomon’s village of Temetemesso. Fati, a teenage girl whose family lives near the church, was in attendance that evening, and the saving truth of Jesus Christ penetrated her heart. She decided to follow Him and started attending church, eager to grow in her new faith.

Outraged by the commitment that Fati had made, her father and brothers responded by beating her. She fled many times to the pastor’s home but always returned to her family, who repeatedly promised that the beatings would stop. A village elder was asked to convince her that she should return to her family’s religion. She replied, “I used to live in darkness. Now I’ve found the light. Why would I go back to the darkness?” The elder responded, “Then there is nothing more I can say,” and he left.

Fati was kicked out of her home. The church family intervened; one of the believers housed her, and she ate her meals at the pastor’s house. Although the beatings were no longer taking place, the situation was far from resolved. Pastor Solomon’s pigs were killed, and the girl’s family threatened further violence against those who were involved. A meeting with the regional authorities was set up, but it never took place due to unrest in a nearby village. We continued to pray that God would work as only He is able.

Then in August, we received a text message from Pastor Solomon stating that Fati had returned to her family and was living out her Christian life. What joy we felt at this incredible turn of events! We can’t wait to see what the next chapter will be as God continues to work in the lives of this family and community.

By the grace of God, Fati is not the only one in the Kenedougou region who has “found the light.” This theme has been recurring throughout the year—and incredibly, from many who have never even heard the words, “Jesus is the light of the world.” Several nonbelievers have acknowledged that through the work of the evangelism teams and the churches, darkness is being dispelled by the light! This can only mean that God, through the power of the Holy Spirit, is making Himself known. How else could people who have had very little or no exposure to the gospel message know, in the depths of their being, that they are living in darkness and that there is a movement of light among them?

Temetemesso is at the end of the road, literally. You can’t go any further—the road stops there. There are many other places around the world that are similar: once impenetrable, yet God is seeing fit to spread His light in these communities, even to the “ends of the earth.”

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