Java for Jesus


Be careful about preaching to your wife. It almost cost me my coffee.

I was working on a sermon and thought I’d bounce some ideas off Evangeline. In the message, I was trying to show how very do-able the Great Commission Fund (GCF) really is.

I pointed out that there are about 400,000 people in Alliance churches in the United States. And—rounding it up to make the math easier—we give about $40 million dollars to the GCF to take the gospel of Christ around the world. That is $100 per person each year—a little less than $2 a week. If each person gave just $3 a week that would immediately put the GCF over $60 million dollars!

Statistics show that the average American spends $203 each year on soft drinks. If the C&MA is made up of average people, then we in Alliance churches spend $81 million on pop—and half just of that amount on the most important work in the world. This isn’t to make pop drinkers feel guilty. It’s just to say that it really wouldn’t take that much to adequately fund missions work—just an average of $3 each week. Granted, there are children in our churches and others who can’t give even $3. But many of us can. Including myself.

Anyway, that’s how the message was going. I’m not a pop drinker, so I was safe in making this analogy. Or so I thought.

“Honey, how much do we spend on coffee each month?” Evangeline asked.

I went to the computer and ran the numbers. Within a minute I had the answer. We spend . . . well, a considerable amount on coffee.

Then she hit me. “I’m feeling convicted,” she said. “What would you think about giving that money to the GCF.”

“Doing what?” I asked in disbelief. “Giving up our coffee?” (She’s really gone too far this time, I was thinking.)

“No,” she replied. “Not giving it up. But how about a matching grant! We could give the same amount each month to the GCF as we spend on coffee.” We were already giving regularly to missions, but we decided to do this. Whatever we spend on coffee, we’ll give that much more to the GCF.

I figure it’s a win-win situation. I love good coffee but sometimes feel guilty about paying for it. Now, not only do I get to enjoy the java, but I’m increasing my giving to the GCF! The more I drink, the more we give!

“I’ll take a grande, please! On second thought, make that a venti!”

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