Making Waves


Those who know me can attest to my love for fishing. It is more than baiting a hook and reeling in supper. There is something about the fishing experience that captivates every angler. It might even have something to do with why Jesus called Galilean fishermen to leave everything, follow Him and fish for souls.

Those first disciples would have known something about living by faith—seeking fish they couldn’t see but knew were there, just below the surface. They would identify with the thrill of landing the “big one” and appreciate generous amounts of time to reflect on life when the fish weren’t biting. Some things haven’t changed in 2,000 years.

One phenomenon amazes me every time I cast my bait into the water. It is the ripple effect. You know what I’m talking about: the concentric rings that move across the surface making enlarging circles until they have changed the texture of everything they contact. Sometimes those ripples—such as the wake of a passing motorboat—are significant enough to jostle the boat and everything in it. At other times they can be seen but not felt at all.

In those quiet times when the fish aren’t biting, it is easy to imagine our Lord Jesus quietly influencing through the “ripples” created as He casts His people into daily life. I am amazed to think about the concentric circles of influence that radiate to the borders of our country and beyond. Alliance churches, filled with pastors, laymen and laywomen who are living out their faith in their communities, impact our world to a far greater degree than they might imagine. Consider a few of the ways Jesus causes waves in the United States and countries around the world through Alliance people:

  • Godly character is exhibited and decisions are made every day at all levels of business that reveal our Savior
  • to a world looking for a glimpse of Him.

  • Chaplains in our hospitals, prisons and institutions bring His presence to people in crisis and desperate for hope.
  • Police and fire officials unselfishly protect and serve their communities in life-threatening situations.
  • Military officers and enlisted persons model Jesus and live His life in the harshest of conditions.
  • Civil servants bring a personal touch to bureaucracy by representing our Savior in every interaction.
  • Medical professionals provide compassionate care as Jesus would—and did.
  • Local churches partner with city and local governments to touch lives and provide for those less fortunate.
  • Relief and development personnel minister to the afflicted in disaster conditions.
  • Pastors and church planters are wholeheartedly committed to making healthy disciples.

Jesus illustrated the influence of His people by comparing them to a candle illuminating a dark place. In innumerable ways, we see Jesus pushing back the darkness in our country through the influence and service of those who know Him and are filled with His Spirit. Completing the Great Commission will require the mobilization of every fully devoted disciple (Matt.28:19). Only when we see from His perspective—in glory—will we understand the extent of His work through His people.

The next time you toss in a fishing line or light a candle, think about the ways our Savior is using you in the lives of those around you. Sometimes making waves is a good thing.

General Council 2011 will be held in Kansas City, Missouri, on May 25–29. Our speaker, Dr. Ravi Zacharias, will share with us how “Only Jesus Can Push Back the Darkness in Our Country.” I invite you to join the Alliance family in Kansas City. For more information go to www.cmalliance.org/council.

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