Only One Way

By Anonymous

I, Le-Hu-An, age 39, was born into a family that was extremely zealous for idol worship and demon possession.

Since I was the only child, my parents earnestly besought the gods to increase their family. For this purpose, they constructed a beautiful and costly altar, on which burned 74 bowls of incense, day and night. On special days, mediums were invited, and pigs sacrificed, that they might eat. After this, they danced. All this being very expensive, we were soon reduced to extreme poverty. It was about that time that I went to Baithuong, seeking employment.

Not long afterwards, my father and mother died. I contracted very sore eyes. For this, I prayed to the gods and worshiped Buddha but to no avail. My eyes seemed completely ruined.

Though my wife had given birth to eight children, only two survived. According to all the zeal expended by my family on demon and ancestral worship, we should have been blessed with health, prosperity, many offspring and long life. Instead, we met with only misfortune and misery. The more I thought on these things, the more disgusted I became.

I decided to become a sorcerer. After some study, I developed considerable skill in guessing people’s thoughts. I had no trouble in obtaining money, for both officials and people believed in me.

Another child was born to us, but my wife became very ill. Though she drank quantities of medicine, her condition became more serious every day.

One day, a Christian called on us. He told us that if we had faith in God, my wife would be healed. I thought this was a great joke, for how could anyone be healed without medicine, regardless of who the God is! However, just for fun, I thought I’d go and ask them for some medicine, having no idea what they meant by “believing God.”

I followed the Christian to the chapel and related my story to the preacher. With a heart full of love and sympathy, he showed me the power of the gospel and the method of salvation, there being but one.

I realized that I was a sinner and had despised the power of God. I gladly kneeled down and repented. The preacher also prayed for the healing of my wife. . . . Under deep conviction, I was instantly born again and separated from the sins of the old life. In answer to prayer, my wife was healed at the same time. She also accepted Christ, so now we are a saved and happy family. Truly, this is the wonderful power of God!

—Translated by Hazel P. Jackson, Vinh, Indo-China.
Adapted from The Alliance Weekly, September 14, 1940.

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