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Mike Picconatto (left) helps to baptize a young woman in Germany. Photo courtesy of the Picconattos

While speaking at a camp recently, my husband, Mike, and I had the privilege of spending time with a wonderful young lady. She shared about her many struggles, which had left her questioning whether God was real. If He did exist, she felt He had abandoned her because she had been mistreated by people who claimed to be Christians. But being in the presence of Christians who cared for her and made her feel like family started to change her perception of God. We had the privilege of hearing her pray in her own words as she began a relationship with Jesus; a few days later, Mike helped baptize her.

There are hurting people all over the world. In Berlin and the rest of former East Germany, people rarely hear about the marvelous love of God. Thank you for your support so we can share that message both near and far. Please pray that God continues drawing lost people toward Him. He wants them found.

—Elissa Picconatto


Intercede for “Circle of Care,” a new ministry of the Breath of Life church in Guadalajara. Its purpose is to reach women in our community who have been left behind in a society where there is corruption and injustice. We want to give them a safe place where they can receive rest, counseling, support, and information about employment opportunities. Most of all, we want to introduce them to Jesus, the Healer.

Earlier this year, we opened an office where we are available to help any woman who comes to us in need. We also hosted a women’s breakfast to inaugurate this new outreach. Pray for God’s empowerment for this ministry.

—Bob and Cheryl Fugate

West Africa

Intercede for the seven faithful participants of our Discovery Bible study group that meets on Tuesdays. Our prayer is that the Holy Spirit will work powerfully in their lives. Four of the students practice the country’s majority religion, and one is a Jesus follower.

During one meeting, they had a lengthy discussion about the source of faith—is it the heart or the head? They all challenged each other in the discussion. As they talked about the baptism of Jesus, one adherent of the dominant religion concluded that when Jesus went under the water, it was symbolic of His death for our sins on the cross. What an amazing connection! Pray that these participants will continue to come to such remarkable conclusions.

The biggest insight they learned was the importance of using the Word of God to withstand the attacks of the adversary, as Jesus did in the desert. The students all admitted they have temptations in their lives and need God’s help. Another majority religion follower said, “If you really believe something, you will want to share it with your friends and the ones you love, even if you get persecuted for it, because they are in need of it.” Wow! God is at work in the hearts and lives of these men. Thank you for praying.

—an Alliance international worker

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