Purity, Peace, and Perseverance



Most of the 67 baptisms in the Tourane area of Indo-China during the past year are the converts of a man who came to the Lord three years ago. This man, whose name in translation means purity, has become one of the most earnest witnesses for Christ in his region. After he accepted the Lord, the work of leading men to the Savior became the passion of his life. He immediately set to work to win his own family, then his friends and neighbors.

Mr. Purity has not been without great trials. Shortly after his conversion, his oldest son, an officer in the dissident army, was taken prisoner and incarcerated in Tourane. We had almost succeeded in effecting his release when suddenly he was whisked away from the prison and, according to reports, was killed. Some of us feared that his trial might shake the father’s faith in God, for he had prayed so earnestly for his son’s release. But the trial actually made him stronger and, instead of [us] comforting him, he comforted us by his humble resignation to the will of God.

The revival in his village went on, and by the end of the year, 37 of the converts were ready for baptism. On the Sunday on which they were to be baptized, Mr. Purity came to church alone. He informed us that during the week the dissidents had visited his village and had forbidden the people to become Christians, threatening any of the new converts who would dare to be baptized. The reason given for this drastic action was that when people become Christians, they become men of peace and are no longer useful to the resistance (Communist) movement.

We did not realize that Mr. Purity was in much greater danger than the new converts. The following night Viet Minh secret agents kidnapped him and interned him. But Mr. Purity has been able to get word back to the church. Instead of filling his letter with complaints and tears, he praised God for His great goodness to him for keeping him on his long and dangerous journey, for supplying his needs, and for considering him worthy to suffer for the name of Christ.

—Rev J. D. Olsen, The Alliance Weekly, May 23, 1951

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  1. Dir Sir/Madam:

    Thank you for the article. However, I would like to know more J. D. Olsen’s biography.

    C. Le

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