Pursuing the Unfinished


The events of the past year have opened untold opportunities for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Countless unfinished stories of those living in fear and uncertainty have been revealed, and through the strength of Christ, our workers are actively involved in offering comfort, compassion, grace, and the hope of eternity to these vulnerable people.

Supporting At-Risk Communities

Alliance workers provided people with food, masks, jobs, soaps, and more.

During the months of April and May, our small business that provides income for vulnerable women chose to redirect all profits from sales to emergency food funds. Beginning in April, these funds have been sent monthly to our 23 students receiving scholarships (orphans and children of widows), as well as 10 additional families led by these women.

The benefits have impacted not only the families receiving assistance but also the women who make the handicrafts as their incomes remained stable—even increasing in some cases.

In addition, we have worked with medical personnel to secure and share resources and daily updates from the Ministry of Health with people—all in their own language. It has impacted some of the vendors I work with from the country’s majority religion, who saw that we care about them in ways they are not used to experiencing.

—a marketplace ministries worker in North West Africa

Hands of Care and Provision

CAMA workers in Indonesia gave gardening tool kits to needy families affected by the pandemic.

When the pandemic hit Papua, a small team of us began passing out COVID-19 information on posters and fliers and distributing cases of soap and hundreds of masks. Some was received with a willingness to put it into daily practice, but there was also some disbelief and pushback. We continued on, knowing it was the right thing to do.

As we started seeing the economic impact from the pandemic, we began distributing 68 food vouchers to needy families. With dignity, these families could go to a designated store and choose basic food items. As we saw the initiative of families, communities, or churches digging gardens, we gave out 50 vegetable seed vouchers and 40 gardening tool kits.

Please join us in praying that these efforts will lead to deepened relationships and opportunities for many to receive and respond to our Heavenly Father’s abundant care and provision.

—Buzz and Myrna, CAMA workers in Indonesia

Collision Course

Two sisters, Adira* and Layla, escaped to our city from their small Syrian village after it was bombed. New Christians, they began attending our theology school. Because of the danger, no one knew of their conversion—their family members are ISIS sympathizers.

Ravi, my Syrian language instructor, also escaped the war to protect his family. He expresses a longing for hope and peace during our talks and says when we pray in Jesus’ name, God responds.

I recently invited Ravi to hear a sermon I was preaching. I told the sisters, who paled when I said his name. “He’s our cousin,” they said. If Ravi had told the family about their conversion, they would never be able to return home. We are honoring Adira and Layla’s wish to keep their faith a secret while praying for God’s wisdom and leading. There is fear and danger, but there is also great opportunity.

—an Alliance international worker serving in the Middle East
*Names changed

New Things in Unexpected Places

I recently witnessed God doing a new thing in a town here where we’ve had an Alliance presence for about 15 years. Except for a couple families from other villages, no townspeople had associated with the church. I wondered if that would ever happen.

Recently, the government cracked down on a violent cult that had spread around the town. In the wake of the crackdown, the cult leader, David*, who knew little about Jesus, reached out to our pastor, who patiently explained the gospel.

David decided to follow Christ and became burdened for his family and friends to meet Him, too. When the pastor asked our team to help tell Bible stories to a group of them, we expected maybe 10 people—more than 60 awaited us when we arrived! This story isn’t over. Please pray for God to continue His redemptive work in this town.

—an Alliance international worker in West Africa
*Name changed

In Indonesia, CAMA workers like Buzz are hopeful that their care for the communities will lead to deep friendships and opportunities to share the gospel.

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