Salvation and Healing


Edith Dyer, a graduate of the Missionary Training Institute (now Nyack College), arrived in South China on October 26, 1904, and continued her service there until her death in 1916. During this time, Edith was healed of several serious illnesses (smallpox, yellow fever and a cancerous tumor on her back). She had a frank way about her communication that was brilliantly entwined with her wit and practicality. She possessed a faith that was larger than her own life, which equipped her well for the hard work the Lord required of her.

Beulah Funk was born in 1877 into the limelight of social life. When she came to faith in Christ she was required to sacrifice card playing and dancing to serve the Lord in South China. Beulah left for the mission field shortly after her graduation from the Missionary Training Institute, where she was well loved by staff and students. She arrived in South China in October 1904. Beulah had a habit of speaking things into being through the Name of Jesus. She inspired nearly everyone she met and was a great asset to the field work in South China, as well as to her missionary companions.

The two women’s friendship grew throughout the three years of service that Beulah gave in South China before her death in 1907. Beulah contracted a fever, and her room, crowded with local people, filled with light as she died. At the time of her death, Beulah had been discipling a Chinese woman she had led to the Lord. The following story from Edith was published in the August 1, 1908, edition of The Christian and Missionary Alliance magazine:

Our dear Miss Funk, who is now with Jesus in glory, went with the Bible woman into the home of an old lady, told her the Gospel of the true God and exhorted her to put her trust in him. Our sister’s witness was not without result, for as Levi, sitting at the receipt of customs, arose at once and followed the Lord, so [the woman] at once said she was going to believe. She had a broken limb and had been unable to step outside her door for one year and a half, but she was told that our God was a living God and able to heal the body. She arose and the following Sunday took her first steps outside the house and came all the way to the chapel, her heart just bounding with joy and praise to God. She seemed from the first not only to grasp the healing for her body, but also that the most important thing was the salvation of her soul, the pardon of her sins. Her third great blessing came at the time of her baptism, which was shortly after dear Miss Funk’s funeral. When she went down into the water she forgot everything and lost sight of everyone and came out singing, ‘Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow,’ and almost danced for joy, her face shining with the glory of the Lord.

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