Thank You for the Best Christmas Present Ever!


Thank You for the Best Christmas Present Ever!

Radio Good News brings the Gift of Jesus to more than 1 million Congolese


Radio Good News was one of the first Christian radio stations to air in Pointe Noire, Republic of the Congo, following the devastating civil war in the late 1990s. Its impact was unparalleled across the region as it reached into broken homes and hearts with the healing message of Jesus Christ. Sadly, due to some mismanagement and a lack of vision, the last 10 years have seen the gradual decline of the radio ministry. And last summer, Radio Good News was forced to suspend its broadcasting, causing a spiritual void for its listeners—who lost their main source of biblical literacy and discipleship.

Recently, Pastor Nicaise, the director of the radio ministry and pastor of an Alliance church in Pointe Noire, received a call from a gentleman who introduced himself as a deacon in one of the churches in Pointe Noire. He said that he and his family have listened to Radio Good News since its inception in 2001, and he knew every announcer and teacher who had been on the air.

Several years ago, his church had initiated an evangelistic outreach among the Vili people and had even planted several churches in villages outside of Pointe Noire where The Alliance is working. However, their pastor died before any of the new converts could be fully discipled, and the deacon expressed great concern that, in the absence of Radio Good News and its rich biblical teaching, these new Christians might struggle and fall away from their newfound faith. The deacon himself admitted that “if it had not been for the years of sound teaching from Radio Good News, [his own family] would have lost their theological anchor.” Now he wanted to know what he and others could do to get the radio station back on the air.

Your Response . . . Just in Time

This past September a letter was sent from the U.S. Alliance National Office in Colorado Springs to a large list of friends and supporters across the United States, describing the rundown condition of the radio station in Pointe Noire. The goal of the letter was to raise enough funds to get Radio Good News back on the air by Christmas. The response was overwhelming as hundreds of individuals mailed in their gifts totaling more than $50,000 (out of a goal of $57,500) at the time of this writing.

Your Gifts . . . Making a Difference

Because of your timely giving, we have been able to: 

  • Reinstall the radio tower and antenna
  • Reconnect the 1,000-watt transmitter, enabling the broadcasts to reach nearly 1 million people in Pointe Noire and the surrounding region—including our target group, the unreached Vili people
  • Install solar panels to reduce the high electrical costs and provide a reliable energy source 24/7
  • Reequip both the broadcast and recording studios with new computers, mixers, and microphones

But more than all of these improvements, your gifts are providing the best of all gifts to more than 1 million people in our region—the Gift of Jesus Christ, God’s Son, who came to live among us as the perfect Mediator between sinful man and a Holy God.

As to our future here at Radio Good News, we thank the Lord that the management of the station has been officially placed back under the leadership of The Alliance national church network. The future holds enormous opportunities as we continue to expand both the reach and impact of Radio Good News.

From our studios, we will be perfecting, recording, and broadcasting Bible stories in at least five languages to be duplicated and used throughout Congo and central Africa. As this work progresses, our programs will be expanded to areas further north and south to aid in the growth and development of believers throughout the Vili territory.

Above all, Radio Good News will continue to provide a place where men and women from all walks of life can once again find a solid anchor of truth for their lives.

From those of us here in the Radio Good News studio, we send a heartfelt “Thank You” to the Alliance family for making this Christmas a special one for so many listeners.

What a Christmas present!

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